Choosing The Right HPLC Columns


The most commonly used LC reversed-phase alkyl bonded stationary phase is octadecyl carbon chain (C18)-bonded silica, which is denoted as USP classification L1. C18 columns have a broad applicability from pharmaceuticals to food and environmental analyses. However, not all C18 columns are alike. Simply swapping a C18 column from one manufacturer to another can result in differences in retention time, resolution and even selectivity. This webinar will provide details of a comparative study between twenty-four silica-based C18 phases and how C18 columns can be compared in terms of:

  • relative hydrophobicity
  • efficiencies for a neutral compound
  • silanol activity

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Detailed review of a comparison study of C18 columns
  • Review relative hydrophobicity, efficiencies for neutrals and evaluation of silanol activity
  • How choosing the right stationary phase can help maintain repeatable and efficient separation of samples