Asset Genius Monitoring Case Study


Highly trained scientists are tasked with managing and monitoring lab operations, 24x7, taking time away from the business of accelerating research. According to Brian Williamson, R&D Lab Manager, “People can write down the wrong number. They also forget to take a temperature monitoring, so that can leave gaps, which can be a problem when it comes to auditing.” And beyond data integrity issues, if power goes out over the weekends or at night, expensive samples are compromised.

After struggling with data issues and lost samples, Brian has implemented Asset Genius Monitoring, enabling him to automate the collection of lab freezer and refrigerator temperatures, and activate remote alerts when a temperature is outside of predefined parameters. Watch this informative case study to learn more about Brian’s daily challenges and how Asset Genius Monitoring can help you to ensure your lab is running at optimal level and your scientists are productive.

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