Analytical Solutions for Pesticides Analysis: Leverage QSight LC/MS/MS Features and Applications


Pesticides are used to protect crops from disease or harmful organisms during production, storage, and transportation have potential toxicity. Pesticide residues resulting from the use of plant protection products (PPPs) on food or feed crops may pose a risk to public health. For this reason, comprehensive legislative frameworks define rules for pesticide residues in food. Monitoring methods are required to enable to determine compliance with established limits in or on food of plant and animal origin, but also for monitoring purposes in soil, water (drinking-, ground- and surface water), air and body fluids and tissues. LC/MS/MS is routinely used in enforcement laboratories for the analysis of pesticides in plant and animal matrices.

In this webinar, the advantages of using LC/MS/MS for the analysis of pesticides are described and examples of methods for various food matrices and cannabis are provided.

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