Analysis of Desalination Discharge Brines by ICP-OES


In this presentation we will discuss the use of the Avio® Max Series of ICP-OES systems and their ability to analyze discharge brines from desalination systems. The analysis of desalination discharge brines for elements of environmental and industrial importance can be accomplished ICP-OES. Because of its high matrix tolerance, brines can be analyzed undiluted by the Avio Series ICP-OES systems, minimizing sample preparation.

Topics to Cover:

  • Importance of Desalination
  • How Desalination Is Accomplished
  • Byproducts of Desalination
  • Analysis of Desalination Discharge Brines
  • Potential pollutants
  • “Mining” Elements with economic value

Presented by: Ken Neubauer, Applications Scientist, PerkinElmer

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