Application Note

The Benefit of Field-Portable Mass Spectrometry GC/MS for the Rapid Characterization of a Suite of Organochlorine Pesticides in Black Tea Samples

GC/MS for characterization of pesticides in black tea


There is a growing demand for the analysis of trace levels of volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds in air, water and solid matrix samples under harsh conditions in remote, field-based locations. This study has demonstrated that it is now possible to achieve laboratory-grade performance with a portable GC/MS combined with rapid sample preparation/introduction techniques. This combination enables a wide variety of environmental-based assays for both quantitative and qualitative screening purposes, which can provide fast, actionable data for non-technical and inexperienced operators in the field. It has been demonstrated in this technical note that the Torion T-9 GC/MS system has identified and characterized a suite of high boiling point organochlorine pesticides in tea samples in less than 10 minutes.