Application Note

Multi-residue Analytical Method for the Confirmation and Quantification of 500+ Pesticides in Fruit and Vegetables

LC/MS/MS analysis of pesticides in fruits & vegetables


Pesticides are utilized in a number of agricultural applications to prevent, destroy, or control harmful organisms or diseases, as well as protect plants or plant products during production, storage and transport. Although successful in these applications, pesticides can pose a risk when consumed by animals or humans. As such, the use of pesticides is regulated by a number of governmental agencies around the world. To monitor for pesticides in products intended for human or animal consumption, rapid multi-residue LC/MS/MS analytical methods are needed to accurately and efficiently quantify a large number of pesticides in a variety of matrices. In this application note, a fast, sensitive and selective method, utilizing a PerkinElmer QSight® 220 LC/MS/MS, is presented for the analysis of 503 pesticides in fruit and vegetable samples.