Application Note

Fast and Effective FT-NIR Spectroscopy Method for Quantification of Fertilizer Parameters


Compost or fertilizer plays a central role in organic soil fertility plans and is an essential raw materials because crop yield is severely affected. It is also bulky and costly to apply. Determining compost carryover is therefore important for cost-effective soil fertility planning. Increasing industry demand for rapid quality control in laboratories has necessitated the development of a Fourier Transform Near Infra-Red (FT-NIR) technique for quantitation of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), Magnesium (Mg), and Kalium (K) in compounded forms.

This application note describes how a PerkinElmer FT-NIR Analyzer with Near Infrared accessory (NIRA) accessory provides a rapid analytical tool for the determinations of N, P, K and Mg of fertilizer.