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Application Brief

Milk Analysis Using the LactoScope 300

Analysis of Milk Using LactoScope 300


Raw milk is the basis of most dairy products. This makes controlling the quality and safety from incoming tankers at earliest intake essential, as it’s key to process and quality control. Milk that deviates from normality can be harmful in terms of food safety and costly as it can increase waste during processing.

When entering the processing chain, milk is standardized to a target specification based on the requirements of the end-product. The offering from PerkinElmer to serve this market is a FT-IR technology-based solution that will detect the presence of adulterants in raw milk and identify the levels of fats, proteins, and solids non-fats in raw and processed milk, cream, and whey.

The FT-IR technology is highly suitable for this purpose as the the multi-component analysis is done in seconds. Sample preparation is not required, so products can be analyzed without change to physical or chemical properties.