Application Note

Rapid Water Analysis Following U.S. EPA 200.7 Using the Avio 560 Max ICP-OES


With the growth of industry, pollution and wastes continue to be produced in greater and greater quantities, resulting in an increasing number of samples which need to be analyzed for trace elements in accordance with U.S. EPA Method 200.7.

In an effort to meet this increased demand, the Avio® 560 Max fully simultaneous ICP-OES incorporates a built-in High Throughput System (HTS) for rapid sample-to-sample times. The HTS is a valve-and-loop system which minimizes the time required for the sample to reach the nebulizer and washout time after analysis by using a vacuum to both rapidly fill and wash the sample loop. This work demonstrates the ability of the Avio 560 Max ICP-OES to perform rapid analysis – 60 seconds sample to sample – of wastewater in accordance with U.S. EPA Method 200.7.