Food Safety and Quality Testing Solutions for Food Industry
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Food Testing

Food companies and their suppliers work diligently every day to ensure the safety and quality of their products and brands. From detecting harmful levels of toxins, heavy metals and pesticides, to ensuring accurate labeling and compliance with regulations around the globe, they rely on our solutions. We also provide reliable analysis solutions for evaluating the quality of raw materials prior to food processing as well as measuring for targeted nutritional content, maintaining standards for flavor and aroma, sustaining consistency, and to understand how packaging effects food.

Food for Thought

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Areas of Interest

Adulteration & Authenticity


Our solutions help dairy farms, processors and regulators authenticate and protect the quality and safety of dairy products before they are used in your process.



Equipped to help the grain industry in their quest to feed the world nutritiously, safely and economically.

Meat & Seafood

Meat & Seafood

We help government agencies and food companies analyze fat, moisture, protein, collagen, salt and more to optimize production and screen for residual contaminants such as antibiotics, to meet regulatory compliance.

Processed Food

Processed Food

Processed food have been cooked, canned, frozen, packaged or changed in nutritional composition by fortifying, preserving or preparing in different ways. We help food processors ensure the integrity of ingredients.

Contract Testing Lab

Contract Testing Lab

We help high throughput food testing labs get the most out of each sample and offer an extensive suite of solutions for testing pathogens, nutritional analysis and contaminants like pesticides and toxins.


Cannabis & Hemp

A single-source vendor helping you drive analytical standards and commit to ensuring your laboratory has maximum up time to meet state and regional regulations essential to a successful business.


Food Fraud in the Land of Milk and Honey (and Olives)

Food Fraud in the Land of Milk and Honey

We all like to enjoy our food. Herbs and spices add flavor and aromas to foods in order to entice the senses and build anticipation of an upcoming meal, while products like Manuka honey and extra virgin olive oil provide flavors that are different to conventional commodities.

Overcoming the Complexities Of Cannabis Analysis

Overcoming The Complexities Of Cannabis Analysis

Carl Carnagey, founder and CEO of Juniper Analytics, is the first to admit he totally underestimated what it would take for his startup to earn accreditation as an official cannabis testing lab in Oregon back in 2015.


WEBINAR: Analysis of Contaminants in Food

Food safety testing laboratories face numerous scientific and operational challenges – meeting mandated detection limits, developing sample preparation techniques for complex matrices, increasing sample throughput, and maximizing their return on investment.

Featured Products

QSight Triple Quad 400 Series

Ideal for analyzing food, cannabis, and environmental samples, our robust and reliable QSight® triple quad systems consistently deliver the throughput and productivity you need in your analytical testing lab.

Solus Pathogen Kits

Solus Pathogen kits - highly efficient assays for the detection of Salmonella, Listeria or E. coli O157 in food and environmental samples.

RVA 4800, 230V, 50/60 Hz with TCW S/W

RVA 4800, 230V, 50/60 Hz with TCW S/W

The Rapid Visco Analyser is a unique tool for product development, quality and process control and quality assurance. The RVA is a cooking, stirring viscometer with ramped temperature and variable shear capability optimized for testing the viscous properties of starch, grain, flour and foods.