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Consumables & Reagents for Cannabis & Hemp

PerkinElmer’s ONE Pesticide420™ ISO 17034 CRM Reagent Kit (the “Kit”) saves laboratories time and energy by providing users with pre-formatted pesticide and mycotoxin CRM calibration reagents, QC standards and lab consumables from a single source.  Ready to use out of the box without any additional dilution or mixing steps each Kit is designed to test up to 500 samples and help laboratories meet state testing requirements in states that include some or all of the analytes found in the California and Oregon cannabis testing regulations as of March, 2021. These Kits also contain a panel of isotopically labelled reference internal standards developed specifically to meet the challenges found when testing cannabis & hemp samples for pesticide residues. 


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Pesticide and Mycotoxin Testing

ONE Pesticide420™ ISO 17034 CRM Reagent & Consumable Portfolio

The portfolio provides cannabis and hemp laboratories preformatted reagents for their analysis. ONE Pesticide420 Reagent Kit (COP-002KT) is a pesticide and mycotoxin certified reference material (CRMs) kit with 77 different pesticides and 5 mycotoxins designed to help laboratories meet the pesticide testing requirements in states that include some or all of the analytes found in the California and Oregon cannabis testing regulations as of March, 2021. The reagent portfolio also includes ONE Internal Standard420 Reagent Kit (COP-001IS), an internal standard kit of isotopically labelled internal standards to allow the quantitation of the pesticides and mycotoxins in a cannabis or hemp matrix. Specifically, the kits include:

ONE Pesticide420™ Reagent Kit

  • 8 x calibrator vials consisting of 77 pesticide standards, and 5 mycotoxin standards from 1ng/mL to 250 ng/mL
  • 1 x intermediate standard mix at 10 µg/mL for laboratory control samples (LCS) preparation
  • 1 x quality control standard vials
    • 75 ng/mL initial calibration verification (ICV) standard prepared from a second lot
    • 175 ng/mL continuing calibration verification (CCV) standard

ONE Internal Standards420™ Kit

  • 2 vials consisting of 30 isotopically labeled internal standards
  • 2 x 4 mL of internal standard mix in acetonitrile with 0.1% formic acid
  • COA of prepared concentrations for each internal standard (available to download here)
  • Instructions for use (IFU), with multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) able to support kit implementation/method development, included with each kit

In addition, the supporting consumable kit (COP-001CT) includes laboratory sample preparation hardware to prepare up to 500 cannabis and hemp samples for quantitative pesticide residue analysis. The consumables kit includes:

  • 200 x autosampler LC/MS/MS vials for calibrators & quality controls
  • 700 x autosampler LC/MS/MS vial caps
  • 500 x 2 mL amber vials
  • 500 x nylon syringe filters
  • 500 x disposable syringes
  • 500 x 50 mL graduate conical tubes

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