Application Note

Quantitation of Pesticide and Mycotoxin Residues in Cannabis as Defined by Seven States Recreational Cannabis Regulations


This application note describes a novel LC/MS/MS method with dual ESI and APCI source for analysis of different pesticides and mycotoxins residues regulated by seven different states in cannabis samples as of June 2021. The straightforward sample preparation procedure allows to achieve short sample turnaround time. Moreover, the use of PerkinElmer One Pesticide420 ISO17034 CRM Reagent Kit can reduce time for procurement and preparation of pesticides, mycotoxins and internal standards. The optimized MS and LC methods minimize matrix interference from complex cannabis flower matrix and the dual source, ESI/APCI, removes the need for a GC/MS/MS by using a LC/MS/MS with an APCI source for analysis of PCNB, Methyl parathion and Chlorfenapyr.