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Laboratory Automation Solutions in Cannabis & Hemp

The fully automated QS-Works 420 cannabis sample preparation workflow

Recognizing that Cannabis and hemp testing is challenging due to the diversity of the sample matrix, the lack of published methodologies, and the availability of a complete solution from one partner PerkinElmer has developed a fully automated pesticide testing workflow.

Cannabis Pesticide Workflow

Currently, most laboratories, require multiple sample preparation steps to perform their pesticide residue assay. This workflow is time-consuming, prone to errors due to the human variability, and poorly suited to high volume cannabis and hemp testing labs. To dramatically improve the labs "Turn Around Time" and data quality, PKI has developed a fully automated sample preparation workflow and LC/MSMS analytical solution to meet State and Country cannabis compliance needs.

The fully automated cannabis sample preparation workflow, which includes the ONE Pesticide420™ reagent kit, JANUS® G3 420 Workstation, QSight® 420 LC/MSMS, integrated SimplicityLab420™ software for data management, and cannabis specific SOPs, ensures that only the highest quality of cannabis products reach the consumer.


Advantages of Automated Cannabis & Hemp Testing Solutions

  • A streamlined solution from a single supplier for easy implementation and application support
  • Faster, easier and fully automated sample preparation with micro balance, vortex, and centrifuge ondeck
  • Industry leading analytical and mass spectrometry technology with intuitive cloud-based software

The fully automated pesticide residue workflow helps labs run four to five times faster to increase their productivity, reduce consumable cost with innovative washing program, improve compliance with complete sample traceability with automatic data management across technology platforms and LIMs, and automate cannabis testing lab workflows such as pesticide and mycotoxin residue analysis, potency, and qPCR microbial analysis.

Laboratory Automation Solutions Related Content and Applications

Pesticide and Mycotoxin Testing

The QS-Works 420 portfolio has been intelligently designed for high-volume cannabis and hemp testing, within an accredited laboratory environment. From analytical sample preparation to final data reporting, our QS-Works 420 workflow offers technology and software that provides customers with the confidence to test samples accurately and efficiently.

The workflow we developed is specific to the cannabis sample type. As a result, we’re ready to strategically work with you to provide the necessary workflow solutions to meet all your chemistry testing needs including pesticide and mycotoxin analysis.

Plus, you can rest easy knowing our QS-Works 420 workflow protocols follow The Emerald Test in proficiency for pesticides, a recognized interlaboratory comparison and efficiency test that’s standard in the cannabis industry.

QS-Works 420 Complete Automated Workflow for Potency, Pesticide, and Mycotoxin Testing in Cannabis and Hemp

QS-Works 420 represents the first ever connected suite of technology and reagents developed solely for supporting the cannabis and hemp testing market. Included in the workflow is a holistic laboratory execution system (LES), which integrates data across all instruments to allow scientists to proces ...

QSight 420 LC/MS/MS

The QSight 420 LC/MS/MS allows cannabis testing labs to use a single instrument for rapid quantitation of pesticide and mycotoxin residues. The dual APCI and ESI source design gives labs the ability to quantitate the hydrophobic and chlorinated compounds normally analyzed on a GC/MS/MS, as well as all the mycotoxins, making it an ideal analytical technique for the cannabis industry.

Incorporating our patented hot-surface induced desolvation (HSID) geometry and stay-clean source, the QSight LC/MS/MS provides superior sensitivity and selectivity while providing the strength and stamina to analyze hundreds of samples.


SimplicityLab420 is a dedicated Cloud-based laboratory execution system (LES), built to meet the exact standards of a compliant ISO 17025- or GMP accredited laboratory. SimplicityLab420 brings together all the components of the QS-Works solution to create a holistic software architecture environment. From sample weight recording and preparation to analysis and data reporting, information is downloaded in a key sequence driven by the protocol, allowing individual platform elements to perform their tasks in a predefined controlled manner. And when the data is in, it’s uploaded and stored in the cloud for remote access 24/7.

The SimplicityLab420 LES reduces error risk through a step-based method execution process, so you can get it right the first time – and reduce the error from manual data entry. Instrument integration is accomplished via an on-site instrument integration hub that provides a secure pipeline for data transfer between your instruments and the cloud. Working from within the software, you can download sequence or batch data with a single click. And reporting results back to SimplicityLab420 is just as easy, ensuring a quick and efficient error-free transfer data to and from the instrument.

Janus G3 420 Workstation

The Janus G3 420 automates the multiple cannabis and hemp sample preparation steps, including extraction, vortexing, centrifuging, diluting, and filtering, currently found in all cannabis labs.

Incorporating our JANUS G3 liquid handling workstation into the QS-Works workflow improves data quality, increases sample throughput, and cross contamination. It’s has been specifically configured with an automated centrifuge that spins down samples and automatically removes and dispenses aliquots of the extracted samples.

ONE Pesticide420™ ISO 17034 CRM Reagent & Consumable Kit

To improve overall sample throughput and reduce calibration curve preparation time, we developed the ONE Pesticide420 reagent and consumable kit. This kit includes: preformatted ISO 17034 CRM mixes of 77 pesticide and 5 mycotoxin standards, as well as isotopically labelled internal standards, and QC standards needed to properly prepare a calibration curve, perform quality control runs, and run up to 500 sample injections.

Our comprehensive, easy-to-use kit includes prealiquoted pesticide and mycotoxin calibration reagents specifically designed to be used with Janus G3. It also includes the essential isotopically labelled internal and quality-control standards, improving accuracy of your quantitation by addressing cannabis sample matrix effects.

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