Cannabis Analysis

Analyzing cannabis can be challenging – setting up a laboratory, developing methods to ensure maximum throughput of samples, generating client reports, and preserving data integrity. More importantly, as state rules and regulations evolve, cannabis labs need instrumentation and support that can help these labs meet new and stricter demands.

Whether your lab is well established or just starting up, having a single-source vendor that can offer turnkey solutions that help you meet state and regional regulations is essential to a successful business. For years, we’ve worked with government and contract cannabis laboratories to develop industry-leading methods, technology, and exceptional return on investment. We help drive analytical standards and commit to ensuring your laboratory has maximum uptime. Learn about our various testing methods and applications for cannabis analyses. Let us work with you to build an efficient workflow, so you can focus on growing your business.

PerkinElmer products and solutions are intended to be used for analytical testing of cannabis in laboratories where such use is permitted under state and/or country law. PerkinElmer does not support or promote the use of its products or solutions in connection with illegal use. Further, PerkinElmer is not condoning the use of recreational or medical marijuana.

Research Specialities

Pesticide Testing

Analyzing with LC-MS/MS for Superior Selectivity, Sensitivity, Resilience, and Easy Sample Prep High-performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry ...

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Potency and Moisture Qualification

Naturally occurring cannabinoids, the main biologically active components of the cannabis and hemp plant, form a complex group of closely related compounds, of ...

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Mycotoxin Contamination

In addition to pesticides, the growing conditions for cannabis are also conducive to the growth of molds and fungi which can produce carcinogenic mycotoxins inc ...

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Residual Solvents and Terpene Analysis

The pre-installed PerkinElmer method for residual solvent and terpene analysis on the GC/MS-HS allows the streamlined lab to run both tests simultaneously. Cann ...

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Heavy Metals and Toxic Element Prevention

Harmful toxic elements can be absorbed into cannabis plants primarily through uptake from the soil, water, and fertilizer. Concentrations are at comparatively t ...

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The Complete Cannabis Solution

In addition to outstanding instrumentation and superior technology, our solutions offer consumables, software options and a knowledgeable, dedicated service tea ...

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