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Addressing the increasing demands for efficiency, productivity, data quality and profitability in lubricants analysis that continually challenge lubricant testing laboratories, for New Lubricant and In-Service Oil analyses.

No matter your needs for lubricant testing to achieve quick turnaround times, minimize downtime, or maximize lab efficiency, work with us as a trusted partner with our simple to use, reliable solutions.

Partnering with leading global standards organizations and hundreds of oil laboratories, we continually address specific needs and ever-changing standards while developing new methods and protocols that conform with ASTM®, regulatory and customer-defined requirements.

For over 60 years, labs have relied on our instruments, consumables, analysis software, services and expertise to speed and simplify lubricants analysis for:

  • Wear and additive metals analysis
  • Lubricant chemistry
  • Contamination testing

Modular and scalable, each solution can adapt to your needs – the demands of the application, or the ever-dynamic challenges in lubricants analysis- delivered with fast, consistent global service and support.

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Wear and Additive Metals Analysis

Benefits of analysis with the OilPrep™ 8 Oil Diluter and Avio® 500 ICP-OES ...

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Lubricant Chemistry

Benefits of analysis with the Spectrum Two IR and the OilExpress™ include: ...

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Contamination Testing

Benefits of analysis with the TurboMatrix™ HS and Clarus™ 590/690 GC includ ...

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Featured Products


Partner with us and give your laboratory the benefits of cutting-edge instr ...

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Avio 500 ICP-OES Scott/Cross-Flow Configuration

PerkinElmer’s new Avio® 500 is a truly simultaneous, dual view, and compact ...

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OilPrep 8 Oil Diluter

The OilPrep™ 8 is an automated high-throughput 8-tip oil dilution system wh ...

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OilExpress 4

OilExpress™ 4 system delivers highly automated, rapid, reliable oil conditi ...

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Spectrum Two FT-IR Spectrometer

Easy to use, powerful, compact and robust – Spectrum Two™ is the FT-IR spec ...

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Clarus 590 GC

With its new high performance features, our robust Clarus® 590 GC offers im ...

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Clarus 690 GC

Designed for fast-paced, high-volume laboratories that need to increase ana ...

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Laboratory Services

Stay focused on research while keeping your lab up and running, and staffed ...

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PerkinElmer’s Informatics solutions empower customers to gain critical insi ...

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