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Instrument Services

OneSource® Instrument Services help you get the most out of your instruments, systems, processes and data. You’ll see increased productivity with less risk and higher returns. With more than 500,000 assets across 300 sites under our care in over 120 countries, the PerkinElmer OneSource team is committed to helping you reach your financial, operational, and scientific goals with:

  • Flexible instrument service plans including preventive maintenance plans, multivendor plans and equipment repair plans
  • Asset Management and Data Analytics services to help ensure that all assets perform at their best
  • Business Analytics Consulting services that offer strategic improvements to meet immediate and longer range requirements
As one of the most experienced asset management providers worldwide, our services will help you realize greater gains in your lab’s efficiency from the outset. Learn why more labs are turning to OneSource to manage their laboratory assets throughout the entire lifecycle.

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Instrument Service & Repair

PerkinElmer OneSource® service plans are the best way to maximize your instrument investment and avoid the high costs associated with instrument failure. Our plans are designed to:
  • Support optimum instrument performance
  • Ensure accurate and reproducible results
  • Adhere to regulatory compliance standards

Our service plans guarantee a rapid response from our dedicated world-class engineers who are re-certified on an ongoing basis to ensure top-notch results, even in the most complex laboratory environments.

Choose the Service Plan That’s Right for Your Laboratory

North America OneSource Service Plans* Platinum Gold Bronze
Option for Premium Qualification Solutions (OQ/PQ) Optional Optional N/A
Option for 24-hr Response Yes N/A N/A
Response Time Highest level priority Priority response Priority over billable
Preventive Maintenance 1 or 2 annual visits 1 or 2 annual visit N/A
Training Discounts 15% 10% 5%
PerkinElmer Certified Parts Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Repair Visits (includes Travel) Yes Yes Yes

*Please contact us for information about service plans in your local geography.

Additional Instrumentation and Maintenance Services for your Laboratory

  • Depot Repair: Ship your PerkinElmer instrument to our Service Repair Centers (SRC) for return-to-factory or depot repair services on select instruments.
  • Dispense Head Repair: OneSource will re-condition your dispense head back to like-new standards at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new dispense head.
  • Remote Support: Our Remote Support team diagnoses, and many times solves instrument problems without the need for a service engineer.

Comprehensive Asset Management Services

OneSource also provides a consolidated, holistic approach to equipment maintenance, service and management across all leading instrumentation and software brands. Our custom service plans are built on Six Sigma and Lean Best Practices.

Learn more about our comprehensive Asset Management Services.

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Analytics Services

Our suite of holistic laboratory and asset analytics offerings includes a web portal, mobile app, interactive dashboards, connected instrument utilization, RFID powered asset location, and data-driven prescriptive recommendations. These powerful tools enable you to:
  • Conveniently monitor lab instruments around the globe in real-time
  • Improve lab efficiencies
  • Optimize operating and capital expenses
  • Improve lab performance through actionable recommendations from our data analysts and domain experts
  • Benchmark your performance against global peers and leverage best practices

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Asset Management Services

OneSource® Asset Management Services provides a consolidated, holistic approach to equipment maintenance, service and management across all leading equipment brands.

Offering a single point of contact and custom service plans built on Six Sigma and Lean Best Practices, OneSource Asset Management Services are uniquely designed to take personnel and lab efficiencies to new levels.

  • Improved Service Levels: Proactive monitoring and management of service providers
  • Reduced Administration Burden: One contract and PO to manage, one contact to request service
  • Global Coverage: 1600 extensively trained and experienced team members located worldwide
  • Detailed Reporting and Metrics: Track asset inventory and events in real time via a user-friendly portal

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Remote Support

Unplanned instrument downtime can be frustrating. Trying to evaluate the issue, report it and wait for a service tech to arrive to fix the issue, maybe without the right equipment to resolve the problem can be a big waste of time and money.

To help customers currently under instrument warranty or contract, remote monitoring options enable us to help fix your analytical instrument issues without a service visit. In cases where the issue cannot be fixed remotely, we will arrive better prepared to quickly and accurately get your equipment working.

To keep you up and running, and to be best prepared to get you back up in the event of system downtime, OneSource Remote Monitoring Capabilities employees a three-tier approach:

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