Noise Enclosures & Dust Covers


Reduce the noise in your lab by as much as 75%. Our noise reduction enclosures cut vacuum pump noise and chiller noise from -12 db(A) up to -20 db(A), providing a quieter lab that is less distracting, stressful and harmful to hearing.

Thick 50 mm Polyurethane acoustic open cell foam covers the interior part of the enclosure, delivering good noise absorption. The wave shape of the foam multiples the absorption capacity. Each noise enclosure has efficient air circulation, is easy-to-install and maintain and is compatible with all electrical outlets worldwide.

We offer noise enclosures for your vacuum pump and chillers and dust covers and enclosures for your autosamplers, digestion blocks, Elemental Scientific autosamplers, and Cetac autosamplers.

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Model Compatible With
  • NexION (1)
  • S10 Autosampler (1)
Pipetting Arms
Product Group
  • Dust Cover (1)
  • Noise Enclosure (1)

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S10 Autosampler Dust Cover

Plexiglass cover for reduced contamination of samples from ambient particulates. Measurements: 48cm (18.89) wide 61cm (24.01) high 39cm (15.35) deep.
List Price : 1362.00 USD

Noise Reduction Cover Dolly for NexION Leybold SV40 Vacuum Pump

Now that you have your instrument picked out, you’ll need a few other supplies to keep your lab safe and secure. With so many choices available it can be overwhelming, but for your convenience, we have all the accessories you need – customized to fit your laboratory requirements.
List Price : 408.00 USD

"Noise Enclosures & Dust Covers" 1-2 of 2 Products & Services