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Keep your scientists focused on research and discovery, not on laboratory operations and instrument maintenance. OneSource® qualified technicians become a trusted member of your team for instrument inspection, calibration and other lab activities, improving your productivity and outcomes with reliable data and compliance.

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Laboratory Efficiency Consulting

With OneSource® Laboratory Efficiency Consulting, we perform ...

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Laboratory Instrument Check

OneSource® Instrument Check helps maximize uptim ...

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Laboratory Instrument Concierge

With OneSource® Instrument Concierge you can inc ...

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Scientific Lab Support

Scientists often find themselves spending more time troubleshooting laborat ...

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Assay Scientist Resourcing

With OneSource® Assay Scientist Resourcing, your team has the su ...

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Learn How PerkinElmer’s OneSource Services Advance Your Science

Hybrid Approaches to Managing Labs

When laboratories are a part of business operations, business leaders face ...

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Strategic Lab Service Decisions Procurement Can Make to Impact Revenue

In the world of procurement, cost savings is typically the key driver in pu ...

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