Flow Cells


Make full use of the accuracy and sensitivity of your optical instruments. Our cells ensure top optical performance, with high cell transmission and accurate pathlength. No matter what type of cells your application requires -- rectangular or cylindrical, standard or short path, micro, semi-micro or flowcells -- our high-quality precision cells unlock the full power of your instruments.

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"Flow Cells" 1-9 of 9 Products and Services

List Price : 481.00 USD

Flowcell, Square Section, Synthetic, Fused Silica, Pathlength: 1.3 mm, Cell Volume: 16µL

For use in P/N L2250135 sipper cell and pump accessory and P/N L2250138 LC flowcell accessory.
List Price : 1080.00 USD
List Price : 123.00 USD
List Price : 727.00 USD
List Price : 870.00 USD
List Price : 2600.00 USD

"Flow Cells" 1-9 of 9 Products and Services