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Clarus 590 GC

With its new high performance features, our robust Clarus® 590 GC offers improved sensitivity, reduced carryover and is easy to use and maintain. Designed with the same innovative features of the Clarus 690 GC, you have the most versatile sample handling options to choose from. Our comprehensive, industry-leading TurboMatrix solutions include options for headspace (HS), manual and automated thermal desorption (TD, ATD) and a flexible MultiPrep Autosampler for liquid sampling and SPME.

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If your lab performs a large number of routine analyses as well as research and development applications, you need a flexible, rugged instrument that can meet your varied requirements. Our Clarus 590 gas chromatograph is a fully automated GC system that delivers capabilities that enable high performance, greater flexibility and more stability. Along with proven strengths of our GC platform, the Clarus 590 GC features a wide-range flame ionization detector (FID), a new high-performance capillary injector with decreased reactivity, and autosampler technology that delivers multiple options for liquid injection, headspace, and SPME on one system.

Available in hundreds of configurations, including dedicated turnkey systems for petrochemical and air quality analysis, the Clarus 590 GC is easy to operate and provides reliable and efficient performance day after day. Its user-friendly, intuitive interface features a full color multi-language touchscreen with real-time signal display. The Clarus 590 GC is controlled by our TotalChrom chromatography data system (CDS), enabling you to acquire, process, report, review, and approve data, all in a streamlined series of operations.

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