Hangdown Wires


Whether you're looking for quartz, nichrome or platinum hangdown wires, we have what you need for your thermal analysis. Our hangdown wires are available in three kits.

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"Hangdown Wires" 1-9 of 9 Products and Services

List Price: 278.00 USD
List Price: 292.00 USD
List Price: 107.00 USD
List Price: 133.00 USD
List Price: 432.00 USD

Platinum Hangdown Wire Kit

Includes six preformed wires.

List Price: 451.00 USD

Nichrome Hangdown Wire Kits, Pkg. of 6 straight wires

Includes six straight wires which you form yourself.

List Price: 131.00 USD
List Price: 153.00 USD

"Hangdown Wires" 1-9 of 9 Products and Services