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TGA 8000

Our TGA 8000™ Thermogravimetric analyzer gives you complete control over your sample environment and delivers high throughput and reliability, even unattended. Plus, advanced hyphenation technology works beautifully with FT-IR, MS, GC/MS, and other systems for better understanding of evolved gases. 

We stand firmly behind our products and now offer a 5 YEAR PARTS ONLY FURNACE WARRANTY* with new instruments.

Part Number N5320010
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The TGA 8000 gives you the confidence that comes with total control of your sample atmosphere, both temperature and gas, due to its broad temperature range, fast heating rates, and integral mass-flow controllers. This easy-to-use instrumentation performs complex characterizations with minimal operational attendance thanks to a new 48-position Autosampler. Designed from the ground up for hyphenation, the TGA 8000 system offers simple coupling, a heated gas-divert valve, and a heated sniffer line to assure optimum performance. PerkinElmer is the only provider that can supply everything you need to understand and implement a complete hyphenation solution for your lab, including instruments, service, and support. Controlled from Pyris software, the platform of choice for Thermal Analysis, the system delivers all the convenience and monitoring capabilities of Apple® iOS software from your iPhone® and iPad® for local control and status monitoring.


Automation Compatible Yes
Height 44.0 cm
Maximum Temperature 1200 °C
Minimum Temperature -20 °C
Model Name TGA 8000
Operating Range 20 - 1200 °C
Portable No
Warranty 1 year
Weight 26.0 kg
Width 43.0 cm
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Application Note

Advanced Data Analysis of Evolved Gases from TG-IR Hyphenation Studies of Polymers

The combination of Thermogravimetric Analysis with Infrared Spectroscopy (TG-IR) is the most common type of evolved gas analysis. Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) accurately measures the percentage weight loss of a sample as a function of temperature, but does not provide any information regarding t ...

Analysis of Macronutrients in Pet Food with the Avio 220 Max ICP-OES

Our pets’ diet should provide essential nutrients in the correct quantities to ensure their proper nutrition. These nutrients include vitamins, essential fatty acids, proteins, amino acids, and minerals, all of which support a pet’s wellbeing, keeping them happy and healthy. Inductively coupled plas ...

PDF 732 KB
Analysis of Microplastics in Suspended Solids with TG-GC/MS

Microplastics are a major concern due to their impact on the environment. There is growing research into microplastics, typically submillimeter in size, and which often end up in waterways and oceans. They remain in a suspended state and can be ingested by marine organisms; thereby entering and accu ...

Analysis of Water and Carbon Dioxide Adsorbed to Electrodes Using TG-MS

The presence of water on either the anode or cathode in a lithium-ion battery can seriously hinder its performance. A common method currently used to measure water on electrodes is a Karl Fisher titration which requires several reagents and has a high continuous cost of analysis. Thermogravimetric a ...

PDF 261 KB
Characterization of Degradation Modes of Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Encapsulant of Photovoltaic Modules by FTIR and TGA

Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) has been a material of key importance as an encapsulant of photovoltaic (PV) modules used in the solar energy industry. Given that the encapsulant has such a vital role in maintaining the function of the PV module, it is important to understand and characterize the vario ...

Characterization of Degradation Modes of Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Encapsulant of Photovoltaic Modules by FTIR and TGA

Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) has been a material of key importance as an encapsulant of photovoltaic (PV) modules used in the solar energy industry. EVA has many favorable characteristics as an encapsulant material. It is important to understand and characterize the various failure modes of differen ...

Characterization of Electronic Materials Using Thermal Analysis

Thermal analysis is valuable for the characterization of electronic materials and components, including printed circuit boards (PCB) and encapsulants. In the manufacture of printed circuit boards or flip-chip packaging, the issue of cure of the epoxy matrix and the dimensional characteristics of the ...

Characterization of Polymers using TGA Application Note

Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) is one of the members of the family of thermal analysis techniques used to characterize a wide variety of materials. TGA provides complimentary and supplementary characterization information to the most commonly used thermal technique, Differential Scanning Calorimet ...

PDF 821 KB
Characterizing of Emissions from Open Burning of Electronic Waste using TG-GC-MS System

The objective of this study is to demonstrate the application of an analytical technique that integrates thermal analysis with gas chromatography and mass spectroscopy to identify and quantify toxic compounds emitted during the burning of electronics waste at different oxidizing conditions. The stud ...

PDF 567 KB
Degradation Analysis of a Solid-State Electrolyte using TG-IR-GC/MS

Solid-state batteries (SSBs) are quickly becoming more popular as the industry looks to improve upon rechargeable battery performance and safety. These are batteries which use a solidstate electrolyte in place of the more conventional liquid electrolyte. Hyphenated techniques allow the user to not o ...

Evolved Gas Analysis of Silicone Rubber by TGA–GC/MS in Standard TGA and Pyro-TGA Analysis Modes

Elasticity is one of the most important properties of rubber materials. During processing rubbers are modified by additives and fillers to form products with a desired colour and exhibiting specific mechanical and electrical properties. To characterize these complex properties, the analysis of the g ...

Plasticizer Characterization by TG-IR Application Note

Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) is a common technique that is used to study the weight loss during heating. It can tell you the percentage of weight loss quantitatively and accurately. But TGA alone will not tell you anything about the chemical components of the evolved off gas. The hyphenation bet ...

PDF 1022 KB
Polymer Applications Compendium

Today’s plastics are some of the most used materials on a global volume basis. Broadly integrated into today’s industrial and commercial lifestyles, they make a major, irreplaceable contribution to virtually every product category. In this compendium you will find a wide range of applications for po ...

Polymer Recycling Compendium

This compendium provides example data and interpretations for the seven codes of recyclable polymers. DSC and TGA raw data files are provided so that the user can easily overlay their data with the expected results for new unprocessed plastics. This allows for a confirmation of identity and assists ...

Polymer-Blend Batch Consistency Achieved Through QA-Compliant TGA Characterization

This application note provides methodologies and results on TGA analysis of a range of polymeric material samples including printed circuit boards, toothbrush bristles, and plastic bottles. Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) is one of the members of the family of thermal analysis techniques used to ch ...

Quality Control of Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells by Thermogravimetric Analysis

Fuel cells offer cleaner and more-efficient energy than the internal-combustion engine. Many types of fuel cells are now available based on the electrolyte used, including polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (PEMFC), direct methanol fuel cells (DMFC), solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC), molten carbon ...

PDF 648 KB
Rapid and Simultaneous Quantification of Water, Oil and Surfactants in Emulsions-Based Adjuvants

Emulsions are widely used across a variety of industries including agrochemicals, cosmetics and, importantly, pharmaceuticals. In recent years, emulsion-based adjuvants have been developed which have allowed for an improvement in tolerability and immune response to vaccinations. A combination of tec ...

Rubber Analysis with the PerkinElmer TGA 8000

Thermogravimetry has been used for years to quantify the components of automotive rubber products, namely oil, polymer, carbon, and inorganic filler. While this separation is straightforward conceptually, it challenges the performance of Thermogravimetric Analyzers (TGA) in order to achieve reliable ...

PDF 932 KB
TG-IR Analysis of a Cable Used in the Automotive Industry

Polymers are used throughout the automotive industry in areas such as the fuel and braking systems, electrical components, and upholstery on the interior of a vehicle. Thermogravimetric analysis coupled with infrared spectroscopy (TG-IR) is a technique which allows users to measure the thermal degra ...

PDF 814 KB
The TGA Noack Test for the Assessment of Engine Oil Volatility

Researchers in the automotive and petrochemical industries have studied the effects of oil volatility on engine emissions and oil consumption over the past decade. The standard test for assessing oil volatility has been the Noack and gas chromatographic techniques. The Noack test conditions are reco ...

Thermal Analysis Applications in the Semiconductor Packaging Industry

The assembly and packaging phase of semiconductor manufacturing requires failure analysis and quality control processes which are of critical importance to final product quality and performance. Analytical measurements like Thermal Analysis allows users to analyze the thermal behavior of epoxies use ...



A Guide to General USP Chapters

Quality and consistency of medicines is critical to ensuring their identity, strength, and purity is at a safe level for human consumption. That's why we rely on strict guidelines – to guarantee medications that make it to the shelves are exactly what they claim to be. This guide helps provide a sim ...

Automotive Materials Analysis Brochure

This brochure guides you through all our PerkinElmer analytical solutions for the automotive industry. From advanced polymers and rubber materials, to batteries, semiconductors, glass, fuels and lubricants. See how we can offer you fully-rounded laboratory solutions along the whole automotive value ...

In-Depth Battery Component Testing

As the world moves to embrace renewable energy sources and reduce our global CO2 emissions, it will also be more dependent than ever on better battery technology, powering the demands of industries such as automotive, energy storage, and portable consumer goods like power tools, computers, and phone ...

Polymer Testing Solutions Brochure: Analysis from R&D to QA/QC

Innovation is the lifeblood of industrial polymer development – the push to improve materials or develop new ones infuses new life into the industry from R&D through to QA/QC. Manufacturers are continually challenged to ensure effective quality control and streamline processes while meeting stringen ...

Refinery and Natural Gas Analysis Brochure

Oil refineries and natural gas producers around the world require their lab operations to perform large numbers of analyses before their products are used in industries and by consumers. Detection of even the slightest impurities, accurate process control and hydrocarbon distribution analysis is cri ...

TGA 8000 Brochure

This brochure describes TGA 8000™ thermogravimetric analyzer technology that gives complete control over sample environment and delivers high throughput and reliability.


Case Study

Renault F1® Team - Stronger and Safer with PerkinElmer Analysis

PerkinElmer has been helping Renault F1 Team's Enstone Technical Center with their analytical needs for nearly 30 years. PerkinElmer began by outfitting the team’s testing lab with the analytical instrumentation needed to conduct materials testing. Today, a dedicated PerkinElmer scientific laborator ...

PDF 503 KB


Palm Oil Analysis. Complete lab solutions from upstream to downstream

Quality control-monitoring and testing are important in ensuring the quality of palm oil. The quality control parameters are used to judge the quality of palm oil products and it can be monitored and tested to ensure that the palm oil is not deliberately or accidentally adulterated.

TGA 8000 Thermogravimetric Analyzer Consumables & Supplies Reference Guide

We are the leader in high sensitivity thermal analysis instrumentation, providing the confidence to achieve fast, accurate, reproducible results. The TGA 8000™ incorporates PerkinElmer’s 75 years of continuous innovation and experience into its intelligent design. The TGA 8000’s design, optimal temp ...

PDF 950 KB


Pyris Enhanced Security FAQ

The regulations of 21 CFR Part 11 cover overall system compliance and include administrative, procedural and technical elements. Software alone cannot be compliant without the development and implementation of the other elements. PerkinElmer’s Pyris™ Enhanced Security software for Thermal Analysis i ...

PDF 187 KB


Complex Polymer Characterization Made Simple Ensemble Flyer

The polymer industry is made up of a diverse set of players, all facing similar challenges. Better characterization of materials and derivatives in the polymer value chain is vital to understand their thermal properties and suitability for use in a variety of applications. Faster product development ...

PDF 429 KB
Qualitative Analysis of Evolved Gases in Switchgrass by TG-GC/MS

The hyphenation of TG-GC/MS is a powerful tool for quality control, safety, and product development. This Flyer discusses the utility of PerkinElmer TG-GC/MS with an example application – the identification of specific organic acids evolved during TGA analysis of switchgrass.

PDF 267 KB


Battery Analysis Guide

This guide offers an overview of analyses required throughout the battery value chain - learn about innovative analytical solutions for testing every part of the battery, including the anode, cathode, binder, separator, and electrolyte. See the value in data generated from a variety of applications ...

Evolved Gas Analysis - Hyphenated Technology Guide

The needs for polymer, pharmaceutical, chemicals, food and beverage, and environmental analyses are constantly changing due to innovation demands and regulation changes. Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA) solutions combine multiple analytical technologies to empower speed and advanced information acquisitio ...

Material Characterization Instrument Guide

Guide describing all UV/Vis spectroscopy, FT-IR spectroscopy, thermal analysis, hyphenation technique solutions for material characterization.



Advanced Solutions for Polymers And Plastics Poster

Poster summarizing solutions of thermal analysis, molecular spectroscopy, chromatography and hyphenated techniques for polymers focused on providing more insight into product performance and process optimization that make easier

Advanced Solutions for Polymers and Plastics

This poster lays out our whole material characterization range for the analysis of polymers and plastics. Find ideal techniques and instruments at each stage in the polymer manufacturing process: Resin Development - Resin Manufacture - Compound Development - Compound Manufacture - Product Forming - ...

Advanced Solutions for Solar Cells Poster

Download this poster for an all-in-one view of how PerkinElmer instrumentation can answer the analytical needs of the solar market. From R&D of nanomaterials and advanced materials to solar cell component testing including aging and defect analysis - our UV/Vis, DSC, TGA, FT-IR and ICP systems help ...


Regulatory Compliance Certification

Product Certificate - TGA 8000

Product Certificate for the Thermogravimetric Analyzer, Model TGA 8000, with or without autosampler

PDF 559 KB

Technical Note

White Paper

Selection Criteria for Analytical Technologies that Meet Polymer Manufacture and Recycling Testing Needs

This white paper discusses what testing is required at each step in the polymer production lifecycle from R&D to manufacture to recycling. It explores the analytical technologies that will meet those testing needs, and important considerations to help you select the instrumentation that will provide ...

The Meteoric Rise of Solid-State Batteries: Innovations and Analytical Instrument Breakthroughs

The potential of all solid-state battery (ASSB) technology to revolutionize the battery industry is resulting in new battery designs and material configuration solutions. These advancements will unlock chemistry limitations from traditional battery technologies and enable ASSBs to break through the ...