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Our mission of innovating for a healthier world is at the heart of everything we do. We help customers make smarter decisions, earlier diagnoses, more effective treatments and scientific breakthroughs.

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Detect and identify disease, contaminants and biological pathways
Visualize biological, cellular and clinical insights
Unify, visualize and analyze your data
Customized laboratory management, research and clinical solutions
Screening and diagnostic solutions for earlier clinical insights
Life Sciences
Disease research, drug discovery and QA/QC for faster drugs to market
Food safety and quality testing for feeding a growing population
Air, water and soil testing for a safer planet
Chemical and material testing for better products

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Join Our Live Experts’ Webinar on October 22: On-the-Spot Fuel Analysis for Real-Time Results and Winning Decisions

On-site fuel and lubricant analysis is essential for many real-time situations, including working alongside the pit crew during a race or checking the heavy machinery on the job site. Dynamic in-field analysis can expand the revenue potential of a traditional static testing lab. Too much time and money is wasted getting samples to a lab. PRE-REGISTER NOW and learn how you can deliver the track-proven results that Stefano Tosello, Lubricant Technical Specialist at TOTAL Italy, delivers to his champion motorbike racing clients – powering them with the information they need to make confident winning decisions.

Join Our Live Experts’ Webinar on October 22: On-the-Spot Fuel Analysis for Real-Time Results and Winning Decisions
Advancing Inflammation, Arthritis and Oncology Disease Research with MMP Fluorescent Imaging Probes
Strategic Lab Service Decisions Procurement Can Make to Impact Revenue
Asset Genius Monitoring Case Study
Outcome Focused KPIs for Whole Lab Optimization
Food Adulteration and Authenticity Compendium

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Meet the Screening Experts: Drilling into Dose Response Curve Fitting

October 23 - October 23, 2019 |
Boston, USA

The concept of the dose response curve is one of the most important parts of pharmacology. A dose response curve refers to the relationship between the effect of a drug and the amount of drug given. Dose response curves are essential to understand the drug's safe and hazardous levels so that the therapeutic index can be determined and dosing guidelines can be created..

American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS)

November 03 - November 06, 2019 |
San Antonio, Texas

Visit PerkinElmer in booth 2421 at AAPS to see our full suite of innovative technology and service solutions designed to support rapid development and commercialization of small and large molecular entities across various therapeutic areas.. Stop by Booth 2421 to see:. Analytical Instrumentation Multimode Plate Readers Informatics In-Vivo Imaging Solutions GxP Service Support Assay Platforms Protein Characterization System