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From raw milk to finished dairy products, our advanced technology and expert support help you ensure quality, safety, and efficiency throughout your operations.


In today's fast-paced and competitive dairy industry, farmers, processors, and inspectors face numerous challenges in ensuring high-quality dairy products while driving efficiency and profitability. The need for reliable, cost-effective, and user-friendly testing solutions has never been more critical. That’s where we can help.

Our LactoScope FT-A and LactoScope 300 FTIR dairy analyzers, offer fast and accurate proximate analysis and adulterants detection of raw ingredients and finished products like milks, creams, whey, ice-creams and yogurt mixes. What's more, our LactoScope FT-A comes equipped with a built-in dual-stage homogenizer, enabling precise analysis of high viscosity products and liquid milk on the same instrument. Our lateral flow and ELISA rapid test kits ensure efficient product screening for antibiotics, veterinary drugs, pathogens, and mycotoxins.

The Rapid Visco Analyser (RVA) allows users to evaluate ingredient and raw material performance, optimize formulations and processing parameters. The RVA's ability to mimic real-world manufacturing processes helps achieve consistent and high-quality dairy products, while saving time and resources by reducing waste and rework.

Whether you’re looking for at-line or in-process quality control of raw materials or finished foods, our reliable and efficient NIR analyzers offer real-time monitoring with accurate measurements of fat, moisture, protein, and more, facilitating efficient production, while reducing product waste and ensuring standardization.

With your purchase, you get our vast library of proven calibrations, along with the expertise of our applications team for custom calibration development. Our NetPlus remote access software facilitates convenient results management and calibration control from anywhere. Count on our dedicated technical support and preventive maintenance to ensure your instruments operate smoothly and flawlessly.

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Our Dairy Testing Solutions Add Value Across a Wide Range of Markets

Raw Milk

Achieve consistently high-quality incoming milk, while driving efficiency and profitability. Our fast, accurate, and easy-to-use testing solutions ensure your raw milk meets specific quality requirements and is free from adulteration and contamination. Leverage our solutions to secure the best fair price when selling raw milk to processors and confidently align your incoming milk quality with production and regulatory demands.

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Milk & Cream

Whether you are looking to streamline your milk or cream production processes, enhance product quality, or verify its safety, we have the right solution for you. Ensure accurate measurements of fat, protein, lactose, and solids, and detect adulterants like urea, sucrose, water, and more with our intuitive and reliable FTIR and NIR analyzers. Rapidly screen your products for antibiotics, veterinary drugs, pathogens, and mycotoxins with our lateral flow and ELISA test kits.

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Maximize your butter production quality, efficiency, and profitability with our reliable and easy-to-use testing solutions. Our at-line and process NIR analyzers provide accurate real-time measurements for fat, moisture, and salt, allowing on-the-fly corrections, saving time and money, while maintaining top-notch quality. Our rapid test kits enable efficient and accurate product screening for antibiotics, pathogens, and mycotoxins.

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Enhance your cheese production quality and profitability with our cutting-edge analyzers and reliable expert support. Leverage our FTIR instruments for accurate analysis of raw materials and food safety kits to screen products for residues and contaminants. Ensure continuous quality control during production with our process NIR analyzers and monitor cheese curdling with our at-line systems. Evaluate ingredient performance to improve formulation, save costs, and reduce waste with our Rapid Visco Analyser.

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Dairy Powders

Maximize efficiency and deliver high-quality dairy powders that consistently meet strict regulations and consumer expectations. Our innovative testing solutions provide precise analysis of raw milk, rapid screening for pathogens and residues, and monitoring for macronutrients and contaminants. The Rapid Visco Analyser offers valuable insights for optimizing formulations and processing parameters. Use our NIR analyzers to monitor production in real-time, improving quality, efficiency, and margins.

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Yogurt & Desserts

From raw material testing to real-time production monitoring, we have the right solutions to help you ensure consistent and profitable outcomes. Our FTIR dairy analyzers provide precise proximate analysis of raw milk. Moreover, the LactoScope FT-A combines the ability to analyze high-viscosity products and liquid milk on a single instrument. Our food safety test kits enable rapid screening for pathogens and resides. The Rapid Visco Analyser helps understand products texture and viscosity, while our NIR analyzers offer efficient testing for real-time quality control and swift production adjustments.

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