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Collection and Recycling Arrangements for PerkinElmer Customers in Belgium

Since July 2001, a take-back obligation has been imposed by law on manufacturers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment. The not-for-profit organization Recupel was established to organize this obligation. It coordinates the collection and recycling of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) throughout Belgium.

According to Directive 2002/96/EC electrical and electronic medical devices and laboratory equipment have also come under the take-back and recycling obligation for waste electrical and electronic equipment. The regional governments agreed to implement the obligation in a practical way in a collective system starting on July 1st 2005. The organization MeLaRec was founded for this purpose as a division of Recupel.

PerkinElmer has established a recycling contract with 2 divisions of Recupel: MeLaRec (for medical devices, monitoring and control instruments) and ICT (screens, PCs and printers). This contract covers our responsibilities for collection, treatment, recycling and recovery of waste electrical and electronic equipment. For each instrument marketed PerkinElmer pays an administrative fee to Recupel, which is used to cover administrative costs and reporting to the authorities according to the take-back obligation.

If you have an end of life PerkinElmer instrument you want to dispose of:

  1. Please contact Recupel at to register as non-private discarder
  2. Choose an operator accepted by Recupel (a list of accepted operators can be found at / section ‘Professional’):
    • Agree on the financial terms and service with the operator
    • Before the instrument is actually removed, you need to register a removal report with Recupel indicating the category* of the professional WEEE, the last user and/or the importer-manufacturer and probable quantity in kg.
    • The operator confirms through Recupel that he has collected your professional WEEE; he confirms the WEEE category* and provides the exact weight.
  3. For the removal of your professional WEEE you are eligible for annual compensation by Recupel:
    • Each year, no later than March 31st, you will receive an overview and a pre-invoicing proposal with the amount you can invoice to Recupel. This amount is the sum of all reports of professional WEEE discarded during the preceding year.
    • You send an invoice to Recupel in accordance to the pre-invoicing proposal.
    • Recupel will pay your invoice 30 days after receipt.

* WEEE category: 3 = IT and telecommunication equipment ; 8 = Medical devices ; 9 = Monitoring and control instruments 

Further questions regarding this procedure can be forwarded to Recupel.

Recupel can be reached at:

Recupel asbl
Bd A. Reyers, 80 
B-1030 Brussels 
Telephone: 0800 403 88 
Fax: +32 2 706 86 24 
Web page :

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