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Heatable Transmission Module (HTM) for Spectrum Two Platform

Spectrum Two N Htm - Heatable Transmissi

Part Number L1390029
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The Heatable Transmission Module (HTM) is particularly suited to the measurement of edible oils, especially palm oil, which can be solid at low ambient temperatures. The samples need to be heated to a temperature above ambient to convert them to the liquid phase and a much more transparent state. Quant methods can be developed for measuring some of the critical quality parameters of these edible oils, such as solid fat content (SFC).

Key Features:

  • Accurate temperature control of samples
  • Range of inserts to accommodate disposable vials, cuvettes, or transmission cells
  • Integrated unit with direct temperature control from Spectrum software
  • Operates within the Mid-IR or Near-IR spectral ranges

The HTM is designed to give optimum performance for a wide range of liquid samples. Long pathlengths can be used when trying to measure low concentration components or small differences in sample sets, while shorter pathlengths can be used for measuring components at higher concentrations. Whichever cell or vial type is used, the optical performance is maximized.

The different vial holders have built-in beam apertures to eliminate the possibility of stray light passing around the outside of the vials. The apertures also ensure consistent beam path for the background and sample measurement, avoiding wavelength shifts that would occur with mismatched apertures. The cell holders are offset at a small angle to prevent back reflections and to minimize channeling effects within the cells. The HTM can be operated up to a set temperature of 80 °C in 0.1 °C increments with an accuracy of better than 1 °C, giving repeatable temperatures for repeatable measurements.

The HTM comes standard with the 8 mm vial insert allowing for 3 samples to be heated simultaneously for faster throughput. A range of cuvettes and disposable vial inserts are available from PerkinElmer.


Product Group Heatable Transmission Accessory


Part Number Description
L1390136 5 mm Vial Holder Insert
L1390137 8 mm Vial Holder Insert
L1390138 12 mm Vial Holder Insert
L1390147 1 mm Cuvette Holder Insert
L1390148 5 mm Cuvette Holder Insert
L1390149 10 mm Cuvette Holder Insert