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High Throughput System for NexION ICP Mass Spectrometers

PerkinElmer’s High Throughput System (HTS) is a novel high-volume sample introduction module for ultrafast trace-metal analysis, dramatically reducing laboratory overheads and cost of analysis. Integrating seamlessly with the NexION® ICP-MS (1000 and 2000B/C) and Syngistix software, this system delivers up to five times faster sample analysis without compromising detection limits, accuracy or repeatability.

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HTS is a vacuum-based, valve-driven system that is fully integrated with Syngistix for ICP-MS software (version 2.5 or higher), eliminating the need for a third-party software. Using a metal-free fluid path, the system quickly delivers the sample to the plasma, providing uncompromised precision and detection limits. Plus, method development and setup are simple, allowing you to spend less time analyzing and more time acquiring results.

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Application Note

Advantages of a High Throughput Sample Introduction System for Drinking Water Analyses Using ICP-MS

Water forms 80% of the human body and is essential to all life. Due to increasing pollution and land disturbance, vast quantities of potentially harmful elements are mobilized into potable water sources, such as rivers, lakes and groundwater. As such, the concentrations of elements, which are known to elicit a toxicological response, are regulated throughout the world by international and national regulations, of which one of the most commonly used methods is the United States Environmental Protection Agency 200.8 (EPA 200.8). Since all drinking waters need to be tested prior to distribution to ensure fitness for consumption, this makes sample loads on water-testing laboratories high.

This study presents a high throughput method evaluating 27 analytes in drinking water following EPA 200.8 with a 3-5 fold reduction in sample analysis time through the use of PerkinElmer’s High Throughput System (HTS), a novel high-volume sample introduction module that is fully integrated with the NexION ICP-MS.