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High Throughput System for NexION ICP Mass Spectrometers

PerkinElmer’s High Throughput System (HTS) is a novel high-volume sample introduction module for ultrafast trace-metal analysis, dramatically reducing laboratory overheads and cost of analysis. Integrating seamlessly with the NexION® ICP-MS (1000 and 2000B/C) and Syngistix software, this system delivers up to five times faster sample analysis without compromising detection limits, accuracy or repeatability.

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HTS is a vacuum-based, valve-driven system that is fully integrated with Syngistix for ICP-MS software (version 2.5 or higher), eliminating the need for a third-party software. Using a metal-free fluid path, the system quickly delivers the sample to the plasma, providing uncompromised precision and detection limits. Plus, method development and setup are simple, allowing you to spend less time analyzing and more time acquiring results.

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Application Note

Advantages of a High Throughput Sample Introduction System in the Analysis of Drinking Waters Using ICP-MS (Method 200.8)

This application note presents a high throughput method evaluating 27 analytes in drinking water following U.S. EPA 200.8 with a 3-5 fold reduction in sample analysis time through the use of the HTS high throughput sample introduction system fully integrated with the NexION® ICP-MS and Syngistix for ICP-MS software.



S20 Series Autosamplers

The S20 series is the next generation of high-performance, robust, and agile autosamplers designed specifically for PerkinElmer’s spectroscopy platforms - atomic and molecular. The series is comprised of two autosamplers: the S23 with three racks and the S25 with five racks. They are designed to meet the needs of all types of laboratories requiring:

  • Capacity - up to 270 samples for the S23 and up to 450 samples for the S25 allowing long, unattended runs
  • Speed - intelligent acceleration and deceleration speed in three axes
  • Ease of use - full control through various software platforms: Syngistix (for AA, ICP-OES and ICP-MS), UVWinLab and SpectrumFL
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    Product Note

    High Throughput System for ICP-MS and ICP-OES Product Note

    Our High Throughput System (HTS) is a uniquely designed modular sample introduction that integrates with the NexION® series of ICP-MS and the Avio® series of ICP-OES to dramatically reduce sample-to-sample time, thereby improving sample throughput while maintaining operation simplicity. The HTS maximizes productivity by significantly reducing the time required for the sample uptake, stabilization, and washout.

    This valve-driven system is fully integrated with the Syngistix platform, eliminating the need for third-party software. Using a metal-free fluid path, the system quickly delivers the sample to the plasma, providing excellent results. With simple programming and workflow, the NexION ICP-MS and Avio ICP-OES with HTS simplifies method development for high-throughput analyses, allowing you to dramatically increase the number of samples you can analyze per day.

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