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HTS Sample Delivery Tubing and Loop Kit

This kit is comprised of all necessary tubing required to connect to an HTS system. The system comes standard with a 1 mL loop which is diverse in terms of its use and application. This Tubing and Loop Kit is designed for use in NexION 1000 and 2000 ICP-MS series instruments.

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PerkinElmer’s High Throughput System (HTS) affords ultra-fast analysis, dramatically reducing laboratory overheads and the cost of analysis. Using a metal-free fluid path, the system is able to quickly deliver the sample to plasma, while having uncompromised precision and detection limits.

This kit includes:

  • 0.75 mm I.D. Carrier Tubing, Qty. 1 (N8152922)
  • 0.75 mm I.D. Internal Standard Tubing, Qty. 1 (N8152923)
  • 0.75 mm I.D. Internal Standard (Port 7) Tubing, Qty. 1 (N8152924)
  • 0.75 mm I.D. Carrier (Port 4) Tubing, Qty. 1 (N8152925)
  • 1.5 mm I.D. Vacuum Pump (Port 2) Tubing, Qty. 1 (N8152926)
  • 1.5 mm I.D. Waste Tubing, Qty. 1 (N8152927)
  • 1 mL Sample Loop, 1.0 mm I.D., Qty. 1 (N8152929)
  • CTFE Low Pressure Plug, 1/4-28 Fitting, Qty. 1 (09220596)


Product Compatibility NexION 2000, NexION 1000
Product Group High Throughput System (HTS)
Technology Type ICP-MS