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Complete Flame Photometric Detector (FPD) Add-On Kit for PerkinElmer AutoSystem Series GCs, 240V

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The FPD is a highly sensitive and selective detector for both sulfur and phosphorus compounds. It is especially suitable for environmental monitoring of H2S and sulfur gases in general and for organophosphorus compounds present at trace levels in pesticide analysis. Alkyl tin compounds can also be analyzed by changing the filter assembly. The sulfur filter is shipped standard.

The FPD mounts in either the front or rear detector position. This allows many detector combinations, such as FPD/FPD, FPD/TCD, and FPD/ELCD. The AutoSystem also includes a linearizer function for the sulfur mode, and convenient control of the photomultiplier tube from the keyboard. The FPD is capillary-column compatible. The detector will accept columns of 0.530 mm i.d. or less. The standard jet shipped with the FPD does not have a glass-lined tail pipe. If an all-glass system is required and glass packed columns will be used, then a glass-lined tail pipe should be ordered (N6100264). As a reminder, use of packed 1/4 in. columns requires a 1/8 in. to 1/4 in. adapter. FPD Add-on Kit for AutoSystem Series includes detector, heater, sensor, heater block, hydrogen needle valve, air pressure regulator, and sulfur photomultiplier filter. Requires but does not include FPD amplifier (N6120095). Firmware revision 1.6 or greater required. Firmware must be PerkinElmer Service installed. AutoSystem operator's manual (09938559) revision E or higher required.


Detector Type FPD
Product Group Add-on Kit