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LQA 300 FT-IR Wine Analyzer

The LQA 300 FT-IR wine analyzer combines performance, accuracy, ease-of-use, and speed for the analysis of finished wine, must and must-under-fermentation samples in less than 45 seconds – all in one compact solution. This robust instrument comes with a powerful and intuitive user interface, step-by-step workflows, and built-in connectivity and reporting software, allowing users to master the system with minimal training.


LactoScope 300

Ideal for routine analysis throughout the entire winemaking process - from grape harvest, to vinification to ageing and bottling - the LQA 300 enables winemakers to:

  • Evaluate grape quality quickly to segregate grapes and plan for fermentation
  • Monitor vinification to ensure alcoholic and malolactic fermentation processes take place
  • Verify finished product quality to avoid reprocessing batches
  • View results for multiple-quality parameters for must, must under fermentation, or finished wine in under 45 seconds

Built upon an industry leading platform, the LQA 300 leverages FT-IR spectrometer technology that has been trusted for more than 75 years. Patented technology, such as the Dynascan™ interferometer and a temperature controlled measuring cell delivers unparalleled accuracy and stability, without unnecessary complexity.

A large 12-inch touchscreen, complemented with intuitive workflows, ensures that the LQA 300 is easy for users of all skill levels to use. To analyze a sample, whether it be wine must, must under fermentation or a finished wine sample, simply load the sample and then press the large “analyze” icon on the touchscreen. A quick 45 second analysis yields 8 results for finished wine samples, 10 results for must, and 8 for must under fermentation, as detailed in the tables below.

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The LQA 300 combines performance, speed, ease of use, uptime, and connectivity – all in a compact instrument. Its intuitive step-by-step workflow analyzes liquid samples and presents results in less than 45 seconds.

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Analysis of Grape Must

Read our method for the analysis of grape must using the LQA 300 FT-IR Analyzer, ideal for routine analysis throughout the entire winemaking process – from grape harvest to finished wine.

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Analysis of Finished Wine

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