Analysis of Grape Must Using the LQA 300 | PerkinElmer

Application Brief

Analysis of Grape Must Using the LQA 300


The process of winemaking starts with pressing grapes to must, and fermenting the must to create wine. Once grapes are pressed and must is created, the fermentation process begins. During fermentation, tracking acids associated with the alcoholic and malolactic fermentation processes is crucial to achieving the correct taste profile and wine stability. Monitoring must under fermentation is also critical to identify potential contamination and react in time to ensure a consistent and safe finished wine.

This work presents a method for the analysis of grape must using the LQA 300 FT-IR Analyzer, ideal for routine analysis throughout the entire winemaking process – from grape harvest to finished wine. The LQA 300 offers a straightforward workflow and single replicate results for multiple components in less than 45 seconds.