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Conditioned Stainless Steel XRO 440 Calibration Tubes

The XRO-Cal Tubes are used for creating calibration curves using liquid standards in the target component range. Each of the XRO tubes contains a Barcode along with the corresponding serial number permanently etched on the tubes for identification and tracking samples.

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An ideal approach for spiking this target range onto a tube was developed by us using the XRO-Cal tube. Fill the syringe with 0.1 to 2.0 μL of the liquid calibration standard. Insert the needle into the tube until it meets the gauze. Pull back the needle approximately 5 mm from the gauze and dispense the standard onto the glass wool.

The components need to be swept through the glass wool onto the adsorbents. To push the components into the adsorbent, connect the tube to an inert gas source that has the ability to deliver a known flow rate,(such as a cool GC inlet). Establish a flow rate of 100 mL/min and keep the tube connected to this source for 0.5min. If methanol is the solvent, most of the methanol will breakthrough and another 2 μL may be injected to build the calibration curve up to 8 μL using 2 μL intervals. The adsorbents contained in the XRO tubes have a maximum limit of 400 °C. The recommended tube conditioning temperature is 380 °C, or 25 °C above the desired sample desorption temperature.