TurboMatrix ATD


For your convenience, both instrument spares and consumables are available to help maintain optimum productivity. ATD Tubes are offered with a variety of sorbent packing materials for many GC applications including indoor and outdoor air monitoring and the analysis of outgassing from packaging, polymers and semiconductor material.

ATD Tubes

A wide range of conditioned and unconditioned tubes, other kits and accessories are also available.

HS Cold Traps

For use on Turbomatrix headspace trap instruments only, select the trap for your application.
TurboMatrix ATD
TurboMatrix ATD

Thermal Desorber Starter Kits

Our convenient starter kit includes all products you need to run the TurboMatrix Thermal Desorber. Features and Benefits include:
  • All items available under one part number in a convenient kit
  • Guaranteed PerkinElmer parts
  • Improved chromatography with exceptional analytical performance using our parts
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