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Spotlight 200i FT-IR Microscopy System with Spectrum Two

Spotlight IR microscope systems are designed to meet the challenges of an expanding laboratory by generating high-quality, reproducible data from a variety of sample types. The Spotlight encompasses intelligent technology and simplicity in operation to take on today’s challenges and those to come.

Part Number L1862105
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The Spotlight 200i FT-IR Microscopy System is designed with state-of-the-art technology to allow for intelligent automation and sophisticated analysis capabilities. The system utilizes a high performance single-point detector to deliver the best sensitivity, while white light LED illumination provides superior visible images. In addition, the Spotlight 200i also has the capability to be fully upgraded to the Spotlight 400 Imaging System.

Unique features of the Spotlight 200i System include:

  • High quality spectral production from sample areas with diffraction limits as low as 10 microns
  • Region of Interest (ROI) finding to allow for ease of analysis of multiple particles and layers all at once
  • Capability for operation in transmission, reflectance, and automated micro-ATR modes for maximum sampling flexibility
  • Configurability to be used with mid-IR, near-IR, or dual range FT-IR with the Frontier™ or Spectrum Two™ systems to give maximum information from samples in the shortest possible time.

FT-IR Microscopy for Every Challenge

The Spotlight 200i FT-IR Microscopy System can be configured to meet your FT-IR microscopy demands and produce high-quality spectra from extremely small samples. See the Configurations table below for the standard options.

  • Choice of a single element MCT (mercury cadmium telluride) (mid- or wide-band) detector, or a temperature-stabilized DTGS (deuterated triglycine sulfate) detector as standard configuration
  • Micro-ATR objective with a choice of a silicon or germanium crystal
  • Optional fully-integrated AutoATR objective that can be controlled through Spectrum software
  • Standard motorized stage that can be controlled by a joystick or through Spectrum software
  • White light LED illumination for true color display with capabilities for auto-illumination and autofocus modes
  • Spectrum 10™ software as standard with an option for enhanced security in Spectrum 10 ES™
  • Can be configured as a system with Spectrum Two or purchased as an upgrade package to an existing PerkinElmer FT-IR spectrometer.

A variety of optional accessories and consumables are available for use with the Spotlight systems, such as an infrared polarizer kit, heated stage accessory, crystal compression cells, and a micro-sampling tool kit for ease with sample handling and preparation.

Microscopy for a Variety of Applications

Easy to use, yet exceptionally powerful and versatile, the Spotlight’s flexibility and sensitivity make it a perfect addition to any lab setting, in any discipline. Some of the applications supported by the Spotlight 200i System include:

  • Materials Analysis
  • Forensics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biomedical Research
  • Academic Research
  • Biomaterials

Results Matter

The Spectrum 10 software suite drives the Spotlight 200i system and can support advanced FT-IR analysis in research and industrial laboratories, always providing optimal results. The software supplied with the system gives you full control over the microscope including the focusing on the sample, illumination, stage position, changing between sampling modes, and manipulating the spectra that you collect. The spectrometers can operate in ratio, single-beam, or interferogram mode. SpectrumIMAGE software enables control over the imaging system with the ability to view sample images with ease in real time. With Spectrum MultiSearch, identification of unknown mixtures is made simple through the use of comparison algorithms allowing for the separation and library matching of up to 10 components.

For regulated industries that demand secure IR quality testing, Spectrum 10 ES™ software is available and encompasses user access control, audit trailing, data security, and data integrity to ensure secure analyses to meet the technical demands of 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.


21 CFR Part 11 Compatible Yes
Depth 57.0 cm
Detector Type MCT
Height 47.0 cm
Model Name Spotlight 200i with Spectrum Two System
Operating Range 5 – 40 °C
Portable No
Product Brand Name Spotlight
Product Group Instrument
Research Areas Food & Agriculture
Wave Length Range 7,800 – 600 cm-1
Weight 32.0 kg
Width 34.0 cm


Model Spotlight Detector Spectrum Two System Includes PC with Stage Controller? Includes AutoATR Objective? Part Number Optional Extras
Spotlight 200i – Spectrum Two Standard MCT Standard LiTaO3 detector No No L1862103
  • PC with Windows 7 and motorized stage controller
  • AutoATR objective
  • Microscopy polarizer kit
  • Heated stage accessory
  • Micro-sampling tool kit
Spotlight 200i – Spectrum Two Standard DTGS Standard LiTaO3 detector No No L1862104
Spotlight 200i – Spectrum Two System MCT Temperature-stabilized DTGS detector, APV/AVI Yes No L1862105
Spotlight 200i – Spectrum Two with AutoATR MCT Temperature-stabilized DTGS detector, APV/AVI Yes Yes L1862106
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Regulatory Compliance Certification

Product Certificate - Spotlight 150 and 200

Product Certificate for the Spotlight 150 and 200

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Technical Note

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