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Spotlight FT-IR Microscope & Imaging Systems Interactive Brochure


Materials characterization challenges come in all shapes and sizes – and as labs expand and become more centralized, increased sample volumes get to be a challenge as well. Whether you’re determining composition or identifying defects in advanced materials, performing pharma QA/QC, supporting forensics teams, or engaging in academic research, you need FT-IR instrumentation that’s flexible and easy to operate, getting you ready for whatever comes your way.

Our Spotlight IR microscope and imaging systems are engineered to help you meet your challenges, large and small. These systems deliver simple operation that’s easy enough for novices to perform, clear software controls for any size sample type, streamlined reporting tools, and the flexibility and sensitivity that make it the perfect addition to any lab setting, in any discipline.

Read the interactive brochure to learn more about the Spotlight IR microscopy and imaging solutions to move your science forward.