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Spectrum Quant Advanced Algorithms Pack

SpectrumTM 10 software is designed for the latest range of PerkinElmer FT-IR spectrometers. This comprehensive package sets the standard in FT-IR software for simplicity and efficiency in data collection, processing and generating results. The software's interface combines single-click access to common functions with powerful data and results management. Additional software packages are available.

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Spectrum Quant Advanced Algorithms Pack
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PerkinElmer Spectrum 10 is the infrared spectroscopy software platform for the PerkinElmer Spectrum Two and Frontier instruments, available in two configurations:

  • Spectrum 10 STD – Standard
  • Spectrum 10 ES - Enhanced security for regulatory compliance

Spectrum 10 software packages include instrument control, data transforms and a powerful Report Designer module yet flexible report definition. Macros, equations editor, spectral searching and Beers Law quantitative method building are also included. Additional software packages (such as Adulterant Screen and Spectrum Touch) and multiple user licenses for Spectrum 10 are available.

Designed for busy industrial and academic laboratories that require efficient operation and wide-ranging capabilities, this comprehensive package sets the standard in FT-IR software for simplicity and efficiency in data collection, processing, and generating results. The software’s specially designed interface combines single-click command functions with powerful data and results management. Unlike other packages, Spectrum 10 provides both ease-of-use and advanced capability, making it the ideal software for novice and advanced spectroscopists alike.

Key Features:

  • Automatically configure accessories
  • Customize your workbench (operator functions, software appearance and reports)
  • Work with and navigate multiple spectra
  • Comprehensive data processing to meet all your application needs
  • Sample verification
  • Screening for adulterants
  • Identification of unknown compounds
  • High performance quantitative analysis

Automatically Configure Accessories

The plug-and-play feature of our software allows for smart sampling accessory recognition. When a PerkinElmer intelligent accessory is changed or added to your FT-IR, the software automatically re-configures the FT-IR to accommodate the new accessory. Numerous intelligent, live graphics status indicators such as accessory type provide instant confirmation of the correct settings allowing you to quickly continue with your measurements.

Sample Verification

Sample verification of known materials is performed using the highly popular and acclaimed COMPARETM software which includes specialized data filters to minimize effects of sampling variations and FT-IR noise distribution to improve accuracy and robustness of results. In addition, the Verify command can be used where known sample variability needs to be modelled using SIMCA (Soft Independent Modelling by Class Analogy) methods developed in the PerkinElmer AssureID materials verification software.

Sophisticated Sample Table

Enables multiple sample information to be entered prior to scanning and is especially convenient when used with the instrument ‘Go’ button on the Frontier or Touchscreen PC/barcode combination with the Spectrum Two.

Custom data entry fields can be included to mandate input of additional information before scanning is allowed and supplementary data can be text, numeric (e.g. concentration information) or even graphical data enabling the spectral data to be permanently tagged with information such as chemical structures and other relevant images. In addition, during quantitative methods building component concentrations entered into the Sample Table are retained with the spectral data and can be transferred directly to the Quant method development software. This avoids transcription errors and saves time during method development.

Additional User Licenses

Multi-user licenses are also available and required if the software isto be installed on more than one PC on the same site.


Product Brand Name Spectrum 10 STD


Part Number Product Description Users STD/ES
L1101024 Spectrum Quant (Advanced Algorithms Pack) (1 user license) 1 STD/ES compatible
L1101038 Spectrum Quant (Advanced Algorithms Pack) (5 user license) 5 STD/ES compatible
L1101039 Spectrum Quant (Advanced Algorithms Pack) (10 user license) 10 STD/ES compatible