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Spectrum Touch ES Developer

Spectrum Touch software provides a simplified, easy-to-use interface for running a pre-designed application (App) to perform a specific analysis. It is particularly suitable for using with touch-sensitive screens. The Touch Apps are created using Spectrum 10 and Spectrum Touch Developer. The screens are highly customizable and can be tailored to suit the particular analysis being performed

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Spectrum Touch Developer
Spectrum Touch ES Developer
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Spectrum Touch is the powerful new interface for PerkinElmer FT-IR and FT-NIR spectrometers to allow easy and fast creation of routine operating protocols involving scanning, analysis and presentation of results. Working with Touch allows you to greatly simplify the operation of your instrument, making results more reproducible and lowering the likelihood of operator error. These errors are reduced by supplying concise, clear visual instruction at the time of sample presentation and during analysis, together with automating instrument setups and system suitability testing prior to data collection.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Application specific
  • Built-in methods
  • Compatible with latest Microsoft operating systems and touch screen technology
  • Standard and ES versions available

Defining even a diverse range of both qualitative and quantitative analyses is rapid and requires no programming skills. From simple peak determination to full spectral database search, quantitative calibrations, soft classification models like SIMCA (Soft Independent Modelling by Class Analogy) and more, the Touch Developer module allows you to create and distribute Spectrum Touch Apps quickly and easily.

No need to burden operators with decisions about which algorithms to use for analysis, or how best to manipulate/display data – Touch removes the need for operators to master these techniques by placing these choices at the development stage. The Touch App Developer defines the method, makes the choices and distributes the Touch App. Running Touch Apps is simply following on-screen instructions/workflow with minimal decisions for operators.

With Touch Workflows you can:

  • Setup instrument operation and analysis to comply with local requirements.
  • Improve consistency of measurement by ensuring consistent data collection, system test, and data analysis parameters.
  • Reduce costly unnecessary out of specification investigations due to operator error.
  • Improve productivity by controlling access, decision points and setups whilst lowering the training requirements for non-specialised operators.

Spectrum Touch Developer

This software allows the user to build simplified, easy-to-use Apps to perform specific analyses. These Apps are particularly suited for use on tablet PCS or touch-sensitive LCD screens.

Touch Apps can be created using Spectrum 10 and Spectrum Touch Developer software products. Spectrum Touch Developer extends the capabilities of Spectrum 10 macros to allow the inclusion of Touch activated screens for common routines such as instrument setup, data collection and reporting. Touch Apps are highly customizable and can be tailored to suit the particular analysis being performed.

Spectrum Touch Developer includes Spectrum Touch Runner. If the Touch App is to be utilized on PCs without Spectrum Touch Developer then additional Spectrum Touch Runner licenses must be purchased.

Spectrum Touch Apps Runner

This software is an add-on to Spectrum 10 to allow Touch Apps developed with Spectrum Touch Developer to be run on other PCs. The software requires Spectrum 10 (10.4.1 or greater) and is provided with a single 1-user license. Multi-user licenses are required if the software is to be installed on more than one PC on the same site.

Spectrum Touch Runner USB

This software kit provides the capability to install Spectrum Touch Runner from a USB stick. This capability is required for installation onto tablet PCs and other devices which do not have a DVD drive.


Product Brand Name Spectrum Touch Developer


Part Number Product Description Users STD/ES
LX100939 Spectrum Touch Developer 1 STD
LX100957 Spectrum Touch ES Developer 1 ES
LX100954 Spectrum Touch Apps Runner (If required) 1 STD
LX100958 Spectrum Touch ES Apps Runner (If required) 1 ES
LX100956 Spectrum Touch Apps Runner USB (if required) 1 STD
LX100959 Spectrum Touch ES Apps Runner USB (if required) 1 ES
L1101037 Spectrum Touch Apps Runner 10-User License 10 STD