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Remote Support

Resolve instrument repairs faster and increase uptime​

Are you concerned about loss of productivity, time and​ impact on performance due to instrument downtime?​ In today’s connected laboratory, it is more important​ than ever to stay on top of things and prevent avoidable​ downtime. OneSource remote options do just that.

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OneSource service plans are​ designed to:​

  • Support optimum instrument performance​
  • Ensure accurate and reproducible results​
  • Adhere to regulatory compliance standards​

PerkinElmer OneSource® service plans allow you to maximize​ your instrument investment and avoid the high costs​ associated with instrument failure.

Remote Support
​Remote Support offers an added level of service through remote software to help solve instrument issues before an engineer is dispatched. Our remote support team will work with you via phone or​ webcam to troubleshoot, triage, repair and otherwise support any connected equipment. This added level of support introduces the potential for a faster resolution to any issues that arise and ultimately decreased downtime for the instrument. After diagnosis, should an engineer be needed one will be dispatched to further evaluate or repair your instrument. Remote Support is included in most service plans.​

New RemoteConnect Contract
​Remote support coverage is now available as a PerkinElmer service plan. With the RemoteConnect Plan you can purchase 10-hour bundles (or more) each year to use toward working with our specialty support technicians. You'll receive the same level of remote support as with all PerkinElmer plans, providing available remote services to troubleshoot, triage, repair and support. If unable to resolve your issue, a PerkinElmer engineer will be dispatched to your location for an additional fee.

Radian Remote Diagnostic​
Radian is a proactive software-based alert system that enables the identification of component failures before they happen. This allows action to be taken proactively which ultimately helps reduce instrument downtime and cost, allowing you to maintain lab productivity. Radian Remote Diagnostics Services is included​ in all service plans, and is available on all AA, ICP-MS, ICP-OES, Fluorescence and Spectrum Two N.

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Remote Services eBook

A rapid adaptation becomes a better way forward: Over the last two years, there has become a sudden increase in demand for more robust laboratory services. This created a unique opportunity for PerkinElmer to accelerate and enhance their current remote support service offerings. Our redesigned re ...