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Standard Stainless Steel Nebulizer Complete Assembly for PinAAcle

This metal body Nebulizer Assembly is for use with PinAAcle® 500/900 AA series instruments. It provides high precision and excellent signal-to-noise ratio.

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A complete Stainless Steel body with Stainless Steel nebulizer, Stainless Steel needle, and Viton o-rings. It is preferred for general applications with acid concentrations less than 5%, providing exceptional performance and durability.

This assembly includes:

  • O-Ring sealing Nebulizer to End Cap, Qty. 1 (09926068)
  • Cap, Qty. 1 (N3161057)
  • Venturi, Qty. 1 (03031810)
  • O-Ring for Venturi, Qty. 1 (09902047)
  • O-Rings for Nebulizer Body, Qty. 2 (09902015)
  • Nebulizer Body, Qty. 1 (N3160133)
  • Nebulizer Insert, Qty. 1 (03031812)
  • O-Ring for Nebulizer Insert, Qty. 1 (09902047)
  • Locking Ring, Qty. 1 (N3161006)
  • Spring, Qty. 1 (03031806)
  • O-Ring for Capillary Needle Assembly, Qty. 1 (09902102)
  • Capillary Needle Assembly with O-Ring, Qty. 1 (03030354)
  • PTFE Washer, Qty. 1 (03031802)
  • Fine Adjustment Nut, Qty. 1 (03031460)
  • Sample Capillary, Qty. 1 (09908265)

This nebulizer is compatible with the PerkinElmer PinAAcle® 500/900F/900H/900T/900Z AA instruments.

Note: This nebulizer ships as standard equipment on instruments configured with a stainless steel nebulizer.


Material Metal Body
Product Compatibility PinAAcle 900T, PinAAcle 500, PinAAcle 900F, PinAAcle 900H, PinAAcle 900Z
Product Group Nebulizers
Style Stainless Steel
Technology Type AA