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Standard High Sensitivity Plastic Nebulizer Complete Assembly for PinAAcle

This High Sensitivity Nebulizer Assembly, with Platinum/Iridium needle and Viton o-rings, is for use with PinAAcle® 500/900 AA series instruments. It provides maximum sensitivity, precision and freedom from analytical interferences.

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A complete High-Sensitivity plastic body nebulizer featuring Viton o-rings and Platinum/Iridium needle. The body is fabricated of inert plastic materials for maximum performance and corrosion resistance. This high-sensitivity nebulizer with Pt/Ir needle is for most solutions, but not for precious metal samples containing aqua regia.

This assembly includes:

  • Impact Bead, Qty. 1 (B0505086)
  • Spacer, Qty. 1 (B3150531)
  • O-Rings for Nebulizer Body, Qty. 2 (09902015)
  • Plastic Nebulizer Body, Qty. 1
  • Spring, Qty. 2 (09920483)
  • Locking Ring, Qty. 1 (N3151205)
  • O-Ring for Capillary Needle Assembly, Qty. 1 (09926127)
  • Pt/Ir Capillary Needle Assembly, Qty. 1 (B3150525)
  • Fine Adjustment Nut, Qty. 1 (B3150462)
  • Sample Tubing, Qty. 1 (B3150458)

This nebulizer is compatible with the PerkinElmer PinAAcle® 500/900F/900H/900T/900Z AA instruments.


Material Plastic Body
Product Compatibility PinAAcle 900T, PinAAcle 500, PinAAcle 900F, PinAAcle 900H, PinAAcle 900Z
Product Group Nebulizers
Style High Sensitivity
Technology Type AA