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High-Sensitivity GemTip Plastic Body Nebulizer Complete Assembly for AAnalyst

This High Sensitivity Plastic Body Nebulizer is for use with AAnalyst® 100/200/300/400/700/800 and earlier AA series instruments. It is corrosion resistant and can be used to aspirate almost all solutions, even those solutions containing a high percentage of acid.

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A complete GemTip High-Sensitivity plastic body nebulizer featuring Kalrez o-rings and plastic needle with Sapphire tip. This nebulizer was designed to obtain optimum sensitivity, detection limits and precision with flame atomic absorption for both air-acetylene and nitrous oxide-acetylene flames.

This assembly includes:

  • Capillary Tubing, Qty. 1 (09908265)
  • Fine Adjustment Nut, Qty. 1 (N0371492)
  • Gland Nut, Qty. 1 (N0371505)
  • PTFE Tubing, Qty. 1 (09985708)
  • Capillary Assembly for High-Sensitivity GemTip Nebulizers, Qty. 1 (N0371522)
  • O-Ring for Capillary Assembly, Qty. 1 (09926083)
  • Impact Bead for High-Sensitivity GemTip Nebulizer, Qty. 1 (B0505086)
  • O-Ring for Nebulizer Body, Qty. 1 (09902015)
  • Body Assembly for High-Sensitivity Nebulizer, Qty. 1 (N0370399)
  • Locking Nut, Qty. 1 (N0371493)
  • Spring, Qty. 1 (09902473)
  • Connector Nut, Qty. 1 (N0371485)
  • Magnet Holder Assembly, Qty.1 (N1010215)

This nebulizer is compatible with the PerkinElmer AAnalyst® 200/400*, AAnalyst®100/300/700/800, and Models 5100PC/5000/3300/3110/3100 AA instruments.

Note: AAnalyst® 200/400 requires an end cap assembly (N0370392).


Material Plastic Body
Model Compatible With AAnalyst 800, Model 3110, AAnalyst 700, Model 3100, Model 3300, Model 5100 PC, AAnalyst 200, AAnalyst 100, AAnalyst 400, AAnalyst 300
Product Brand Name GemTip
Product Group Nebulizers
Style High Sensitivity
Technology Type AA