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Hand Sanitizer Analyzer

Producers & suppliers of alcohol-based hand sanitizers need quality control processes to ensure the safety and efficacy of products. The Hand Sanitizer Analyzer easily determines the composition of alcohol-based hand sanitizers to determine if they meet WHO, USP, or FDA guidelines. The most important parameters to consider are the type and content of alcohol. The content elucidates if the sanitizer will be effective whereas the type will define if it is safe for humans such as ethanol or unsafe, such as methanol. This solution allows detecting the presence of methanol down to 0.03% which is more sensitive than FDA limits. The portable analyzer is based on FT-IR technology allowing anyone to verify the efficacy of sanitizers within seconds.

Part Number L1608031
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The PerkinElmer Hand Sanitizer Analyzer is based on the same platform as the best-selling PerkinElmer Spectrum Two FT-IR spectrometer, with over 10,000 instruments sold worldwide. The analyzer provides a fast and reliable method to determine the ethanol and isopropanol content of hand sanitizers compounded according to WHO and FDA-approved formulations. Warning messages providing clear information about samples which may not adhere to regulations are displayed and are customizable by the user.

The Hand Sanitizer Analyzer is:

  • Fast: Results in as little as 30 seconds.
  • Easy-to-use: Easy workflow-oriented methods for determination of ethanol and isopropanol.
  • Flexible: Create customized calibrations, specific to your solutions.
  • Inexpensive: No consumables needed for measurements, keeping running costs low.

The Spectrum 10 software enables you to control the instrument and to manipulate the spectra that you collect. Spectrum Touch along with a starter calibration for ethanol and isopropanol content in hand sanitizer allow you to obtain critical information about sample formulations quickly at the compounding site. The flexibility of the hand sanitizer analyzer enables quick and accurate generation of calibrations for your own formulations.


Technology Type FT-IR Spectroscopy
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