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Cyber Resiliency

Cyber threats to hardware, applications and data within a lab can lead to major disruption, loss of intellectual property and question regarding the integrity of results. PerkinElmer OneSource has partnered with Armis and TrapX to deliver passive, disruption-free cybersecurity solutions that also deliver asset visibility and controls that benefit laboratory operations.

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The Problem. Laboratories are difficult environment to secure. Outdated software and hardware, validation and other restrictions slow patches and operation system updates and need for scientists to collaborate all combine to increase the risks to disruption via malware, data integrity issues and/or data theft. Completely locking down lab networks can slow innovation and reduce operational efficiencies and may not reduce the risk posed by a fast-growing new attack surface within labs: connected IoT devices. The research company Neustar found 48% of companies experienced an Internet of Things device attack in 2018.

The Need. All companies balance potential risk with against the economic costs. R&D, quality, testing and diagnostic labs represent highest value. Is it being protected accordingly? Lab managers need security options that minimize disruption and add value to operation of the lab.

Our Solution. At PerkinElmer we recognize the challenge of securing labs within our own and our customer’s operations. We have partnered with leading cybersecurity solutions that can be deployed to labs without any impact to the existing environment.

Armis is an agentless, passive solution that models wireless and network traffic signatures and, by comparing this information to a knowledgebase of 9.5 million unique device profiles, provides full visibility of all devices – managed, unmanaged – including the make, model, OS, FDA classification, connection and activity history, utilization, and more. This includes IoT devices and any device communicating via Wifi, Bluetooth or Zigbee.

TrapX is a passive deception solution that emulates true assets, devices and applications, to provide real-time breach detection and prevention. Hundreds or thousands of traps can be deployed with little effort, creating a virtual minefield for would-be external or internal attackers.

The technology of Armis and TrapX is delivered and supported by the PerkinElmer OneSource, an organization of with 1,600 Service Engineers trained on all major vendor instruments and our 200+ Lab IT experts. Our focus is on delivery value for scientists, lab managers, IT and information security including:

  1. Visibility of assets, both IT and IoT, to support protection, vulnerability awareness and utilization use cases;
  2. Provide real time updates to configuration databases (CMDB) to better support planning needs;
  3. Enforcement of key policies to enable more efficient work practices in lab operations;
  4. Disruption avoidance from malware, zero-day attacks;
  5. Insider threat protection of intellectual property.