Providing Solutions for Common Lab IT Challenges That Improve Efficiency


Product Manager for Lab IT, Larry Tibbetts, discusses the implementation of a solution that automates inventory management. This webinar highlights the challenges faced in labs, such as lack of trained support, knowledge loss due to staff turnover, and reactive support. It proposes proactive support and innovations in technology to alleviate these issues. The webinar aims to provide insights into improving lab operations and enhancing productivity by:

  1. Computer Monitoring: The webinar discusses the importance of monitoring computer systems in the lab environment. By tracking performance metrics, identifying bottlenecks, and ensuring optimal resource utilization, labs can enhance efficiency and productivity.
  2. Inventory Options: The solution proposes integrating EAM RFP and Asset Genius to automate inventory management. This includes tracking lab equipment, consumables, and supplies. By streamlining inventory processes, labs can reduce manual effort and minimize errors.
  3. Role of Remote Reality: The webinar explores how remote reality technologies can revolutionize lab operations. From virtual training to remote diagnostics, these tools enable efficient collaboration, troubleshooting, and knowledge sharing.

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