Collection of CASE Chemicals Analysis Webinars


This collection of webinars was originally seen on Coatings World. The topics were designed in response to recent materials supply chain issues which has led to supplier changes, new processes to deal with materials testing, and formulation pivots to keep production levels in check. This series of webinars discuss the analysis of raw materials such as acrylates by liquid chromatography (LC) and the shift to alkyd resins. Also covered is Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) techniques for analyzing common raw materials, QA/QC analysis with IR for adhesives like tapes, glues and other adhesives, to ensure final product profiles, and VOC analysis in the evaluation of resin quality with GC.

Check out the whole webinar (~45 minutes), or select from the topics below to watch a specific section.

Full Webinar: As Seen on CoatingsWorld.com

Individual Topic Webinars