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Molecular spectroscopy solutions for food testing

Molecular Spectroscopy in Food Testing

Feed- and food- processing plants across the globe need quick, accurate, and reliable analyses to monitor the quality of incoming raw materials and finished products. Molecular spectroscopy and ultraviolet-visible (UV-Vis) are among of the most used spectroscopic technique used in food testing. Infrared (IR) and near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy are fast, easy-to-use techniques with a history of being used for food applications such as those for measuring protein, moisture, and fat content. Furthermore, molecular spectroscopy can find many applications when dealing with food adulteration issues. PerkinElmer, thanks to its comprehensive portfolio of analytical instruments , has the ideal molecular spectroscopy- based (UV, IR, fluorescence) solutions for your needs.

Fluorescence Spectrophotometry in Food Testing

Fluorescence spectroscopy plays an important role in food analysis. It can be used for the determination, identification, quantification and classification of numerous food components, contaminants, additives and adulterants.

Supported by a full line of software, plug-n-play accessories, and consumables, our fluorescence spectroscopy instruments offer the speed and accuracy you need right at your fingertips.

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Infrared Microscopy & Imaging in Food Testing

Infrared Microscopy & Imaging provide both qualitative and quantitative information and can be used for the investigation of the chemical composition of heterogeneous foods and food ingredients. PerkinElmer infrared imaging and microscopy systems are the culmination of a long tradition of exceptional optics and purpose-built IR microscopes and FT-IR systems. There are no add-ons or afterthoughts here. Renowned for their sensitivity, spatial resolution, ease of use, and results, they’re engineered to the highest quality specifications and ISO-9000 standards and deliver the highest levels of throughput, reproducibility, and accuracy. So you’re able to analyze even the smallest sample with pinpoint precision.

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UV/Vis Spectroscopy in Food Testing

Uv/Vis Spectroscopy is an important, flexible, simple and widespread analytical method largely used in the food industry for quality control of food and beverages as it allows the identification of origin and the detection of adulteration, among other key important characteristics in food products

From compact, mobile, ultraviolet instruments to high-performance bench-top systems, we have the solution for every laboratory need.

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FT - Infrared Spectroscopy in Food Testing

Infrared spectroscopy provides a rapid and non-destructive method for compositional analysis of food products and screen for known and unknown adulterants. With over 75 years of experience in Infrared Spectroscopy, the PerkinElmer FT-IR systems can provide multiple parameter results simultaneously, allowing higher sample throughput. Additionally, Spectrum Adulterant Screen, designed to enhance FT-IR/NIR Spectrum 10 Software, allows the development and execution of adulterant screening methods for suspected materials of concern.

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NIR - Scanning Monocromator – Dedicated NIR Grain Analyzers

Suitable for laboratory and at-line operation, our Dedicated NIR Grain Analyzers are known for their rugged and reliable design providing simple, rapid, routine bench-top analysis. In less than 30 seconds, PerkinElmer’s dedicated NIR Grain analyzers measure ash, moisture, protein and other key components accurately and reproducibly.

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NIR - Diode Array in Food Testing

Thanks to Diode Array NIR technology, multi-constituent results are available in seconds rather than several hours as with many traditional chemical analysis methods. allows to perform a multi-component analysis in less than 10 seconds. During this time a large number of full spectra are collected and averaged. The analysis of full spectra makes it possible to determine complex parameters and to analyze different samples without recalibration. With the ability to analyze as often as desired with results in real-time, food processors can reduce product variations and thereby improve quality and profit.

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NIR - Fourier Transformation in Food Testing

Choose the Frontier range of Fourier Transform IR spectrometers for superior spectroscopic performance in demanding applications. Powerful and adaptable, the Frontier meets all your current analysis needs and can be expanded as your research goals evolve. An exceptional signal-to-noise ratio and photometric performance assures optimal spectral quality to ensure best-in-class sensitivity. This configurable platform provides dependable and consistent operation through years of service.

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Dedicated IR Milk Analyzer

A state-of-the art FT-IR (Fourier- Transform Infrared Spectroscopy) instrument with modern optics and simple to use but powerful software enables the LactoScope to test raw, standardized and processed milks, whey, cream and other dairy products. The instrument incorporates the latest mid-infrared (MIR) technology for quick measuring time of 30-45 seconds with a typical accuracy of under 1% CV. The instrument's modular construction minimizes the vibration of the FT-IR bench, and its integrated design provides efficient use of laboratory space. The LactoScope has a low cost of ownership, minimum downtime, and worldwide support for all its users.

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Software in Food Testing

Our infrared spectroscopy platform is designed to combine ease of use with powerful data and results management. The Spectrum 10 Software can be enhanced with Spectrum Adulterant Screen for screening of suspected adulteration. Our networking software solution, NetPlus Remote, makes administration of groups of NIR instruments easier than ever before.

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