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Dedicated IR Milk Analyzer

A state-of-the art FT-IR (Fourier- Transform Infrared Spectroscopy) instrument with modern optics and simple to use but powerful software enables the LactoScope to test raw, standardized and processed milks, whey, cream and other dairy products. The instrument incorporates the latest mid-infrared (MIR) technology for quick measuring time of 30-45 seconds with a typical accuracy of under 1% CV. The instrument's modular construction minimizes the vibration of the FT-IR bench, and its integrated design provides efficient use of laboratory space. The LactoScope has a low cost of ownership, minimum downtime, and worldwide support for all its users.

LactoScope FT-A Liquid Dairy Products Analyzer

  • The most versatile mid-infrared analyzer capable of testing a wide range of dairy product: milks, creams, whey, concentrates, ice-creams and yoghurt mixes.
  • The latest hardware innovations allow to easily test the most challenging dairy products, such as creams with up to 55% fat and other viscous products.
  • With a typical accuracy under 1% CV, a measuring time of 30 seconds, low cost of ownership and minimal downtime, this instrument is the preferred choice of the large processors and dairy laboratories.

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LactoScope FT-B Milk Analyzer

LactoScope FT-B - With a typical accuracy under 1% CV and a measuring time of less than 45 seconds per sample, the FT-B mid-infrared analyzer is designed to answer the needs of the small-medium dairies and milk collection points. It can test milks, whey and creams with up to 40% fat. It has a low cost of ownership, and minimal downtime.

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