Moving Your Lab

After You Move Your Lab

Moving Day

We remove the risk and disruption from moving day. From pre-shipment preparation to safe transportation of instruments, we handle it all for you.

  • Initiating instrument tracking process
  • Pre-shipment preparation of lab equipment before dismantling, such as instrument decontamination, purging and ''parking'' of moveable mechanical parts, as required
  • Individual de-commissioning, packing, tagging, and re-commissioning of instrument systems
  • Overseeing and assuring the proper handling of hazmat wastes, chemicals, laboratory samples, etc.

Post Move

Once in your new laboratory, OneSource service experts unpack, re-assemble, and re-install each system, carefully following the project plan to duplicate the installation at the former location (or reconfigure the installation based on the move plan).

  • Unpacking and installing laboratory equipment & sample delivery
  • Testing functionality of each laboratory instrument at its new location
  • Preventive maintenance & calibration
  • IQ / OQ PQ qualification / validation and documentation

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