Today’s labs are both scientific and commercial enterprises – and to compete and win, you need services that take your lab or business into consideration. So we take a consultative approach to understand your labs requirements, whether it is to manage the efficiency of your lab, to develop new assays or run clinical tests, our customized solutions ensure you get the most out of your lab.

A Comprehensive Suite of Services

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Laboratory Services

OneSource Laboratory Services provide essential services to pharmaceutical, contract research and other scientific organizations.

Instrument Services

Instrument and analytics services ensure optimal assets performance

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Information Services

Connecting your lab instruments and IT

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Compliance Services

Deepen confidence knowing your lab is compliant

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Relocation Services

End-to-end management of your lab relocation

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Scientific Services

Focus on your science while we focus on lab operations

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Training and Education Services

On-site and classroom based training

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OneSource Education Services

Clinical Laboratory Testing

Our global laboratories offer comprehensive genetic screening and testing to patients and physicians anywhere in the world.

For Clinicians

PerkinElmer Genetics is a global leader in providing screening and diagnostic testing for rare and inherited diseases. We are a provider who combines high-volume screening with diagnostic genetic testing.

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For Patients and Parents

PerkinElmer Genetics helps turn the complex nature of the disease into more understanding by providing meaningful and actionable genetic test results.

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For Pharma

Our goal is to help pharmaceutical and biotech companies in successful drug development and commercialization by providing diagnostic testing solutions.

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Cord Blood and Cord Tissue Banking

Cord Blood and Cord Tissue Banking

ViaCord offers cord blood and cord tissue banking to expecting parents. ViaCord has banked the cord blood for more than 350,000 newborns.

What is Cord Blood?

Cord blood is the blood within a newborn’s umbilical cord which contains valuable stem cells. Cord blood stem cells can be used to treat nearly 80 diseases today, including certain cancers and blood disorders.

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What is Cord Tissue?

Cord tissue is the tissue surrounding the umbilical vein and contains different types of stem cells than cord blood. Cord tissue cells are showing great potential in research for treatment of medical conditions affecting cartilage, muscle and nerve cells.

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How Cord Blood is Used?

Cord blood stem cells have been used in transplant medicine for nearly 30 years. Over the last few years a powerful and promising science has emerged called Regenerative Medicine. Areas of ongoing Regenerative Medicine Research Trials using cord blood stem cells include Autism and Cerebral Palsy.

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ViaCord Families Using Cord Blood

Over 360 ViaCord families have used their cord blood in transplant or regenerative medicine research. See how ViaCord is making a difference for many of these families.

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Custom Alpha Reagents

Research Services

Custom Labeling and Assay Development

Let our experts meet your custom needs using our state-of-the-art assay and reagent technologies and detection instrumentation

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Contract Research Services

Let us do the work to multiplex IHC stain, image, and analyze your tissue samples

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See how PerkinElmer helped with Services needs

Saving Big Dollars at Big Pharma

A profile of how one Big Pharma site is saving big dollars through a single-source provider of laboratory services.

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White Paper: A Case for Co-Sourcing

Increase the efficiency of your lab with a strategic partnership. Read our free whitepaper to learn how.

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Lab of the Future is Now

PerkinElmer OneSource professionals assess each lab individually and provide a tailor-made solution to help you achieve peak performance.

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