Thermogravimetry Analysis (TGA)


Measure changes in sample mass as a function of temperature with high levels of sensitivity. Our Thermogravimetric Analyzers (TGAs) combine the best available sample atmosphere control, high throughput automation, and advanced hyphenation technology for better understanding of gases evolved during experiments. Delivering the throughput and performance you need in an easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain, automated system, our TGAs are perfect for these applications:

  • Pharmaceuticals: Identify and measure solvents that come off during testing to complete characterization.
  • Environmental: Our TG-IR solutions help you identify harmful chemicals in soil.
  • Polymers and Plastics: Plasticizers in polymers can be quantitated and identified by hyphenated techniques.
  • Food and Food Packaging: Analyze complex matrices in the things we consume as well as any leachables that may be contaminating the packaging.
  • Industrial: Determine which types of phthalates are present.
  • Manufacturing: Confirm that your products contain the exact material you expec

Hyphenated techniques couple TGA and other instruments to gain insights previously unseen by either technique on its own. Systems for TG-FT-IR, TG-MS, and TG-GC/MS help you gain better insight and advance your research.

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"Thermogravimetry Analysis (TGA)" 1-50 of 57 Products & Services

TGA 4000 N5370210

TGA 4000 System, 100-240V/50-60Hz

The TGA 4000 is designed with a compact ceramic furnace, which provides the temperature control you need for accurate results. Its rugged design is also corrosion resistant for the applications flexibility you need today and tomorrow.

TGA 8000

Our TGA 8000™ Thermogravimetric analyzer gives you complete control over your sample environment and delivers high throughput and reliability, even unattended. Plus, advanced hyphenation technology works beautifully with FT-IR, MS, GC/MS, and other systems for better understanding of evolved gases. 

Standard Sample Pan Crimper Press

Used to crimp covers on standard DSC pans of aluminum, gold and copper. Design incorporates a replaceable crimper head.
List Price : 1844.00 USD
List Price : 87.00 USD
List Price : 143.00 USD
List Price : 286.00 USD


Included with NexION Interface Torch overflow Drain Assembly (N8140506).
List Price : 4.00 USD

High Pressure Capsule Sealing Tool

This reliable sealing tool is fast and precise. It employs a built-in torque clutch which guarantees that all capsules are closed with the same torque.
List Price : 2125.00 USD
List Price : 110.00 USD
List Price : 972.00 USD

Volatile Sealer Assembly

For use with volatile, viscous,noncorrosive samples.
List Price : 1665.00 USD
List Price : 587.00 USD
List Price : 129.00 USD
List Price : 374.00 USD
List Price : 214.00 USD
List Price : 3.00 USD

Platinum Hangdown Wire Kit

Includes six preformed wires.
List Price : 465.00 USD

Non-Magnetic, Hooked Forceps

Non-Magnetic, Nonserrated Stainless Steel Straight Non-Magnetic, Hooked
List Price : 74.00 USD
List Price : 1392.00 USD

Standard Stirrup Kit

Includes two matched stirrups.
List Price : 195.00 USD

Quick Press Spacer Die

Included in the Large Volume Stainless Steel Capsule Kit (P/N 03190021).
List Price : 153.00 USD
List Price : 157.00 USD

Manual Crimper

This sealer is capable of sealing both crimped pans and hermetic sealed pans . The die that is supplied can seal both of these, one side for crimped, the other for hermetic. Includes Hermetic Die N5356032 Stage N5356035 and Extruding Rod N5356033
List Price : 8000.00 USD
List Price : 792.00 USD

Thermal Analysis Gas Station for all Thermal Analyzers (controls up to four purge gases). For use with Pyris Series or 7 Series/UNIX software.

Thermal Analysis Gas StationUse the Thermal Analysis Gas Station (TAGS), a gas selector accessory with all thermal analyzers. The TAGS is a very flexible accessory featuring full control of all gases used in thermal analysis. In addition to performing gas switching, the TAGS also fully controls the gas flow rate, independent of the type of gas, and detects rapid changes in pressure and empty cylinders.
List Price : 6100.00 USD
List Price : 223.00 USD
List Price : 583.00 USD
List Price : 445.00 USD
List Price : 60.00 USD
List Price : 37.00 USD

Large Volume Stainless Steel Capsule Kit

This kit includes Quick Press (P/N 09908467), Quick Press Spacer Die (P/N 03191047), 1 Pair Guard Ring Inserts (P/N 03190236), and 20 Pans, Covers and O-Rings (P/N 03190218).
List Price : 2043.00 USD

Quick Press

Included in the Large Volume Stainless Steel Capsule Kit (P/N 03190021).
List Price : 1379.00 USD
List Price : 459.00 USD
List Price : 396.00 USD

Filter Dryer Kit

Filter Dryer Kit removes moisture and particulates from your purge gas. Includes all the necessary fittings needed to make pneumatic connections easy
List Price : 393.00 USD

"Thermogravimetry Analysis (TGA)" 1-50 of 57 Products & Services